"We are friends. We love to make music. We are Orents Stirner."

Orents Stirner is Fletcher Stafford, Tom Bonner, Brian Baldwin and Pablo Loco. They have an album that is coming out soon called, Sweet Happy Sadness. It has 18 tracks and was recorded under a full moon in June 2006 at Bungalow Studios in the Houston Heights by seasoned engineer Mark Shannon. Half the songs are improvisations. The other half are rehearsed. All the songs come from the great creative nowhere.

"I've always loved music." says Fletcher, who writes the songs in stream of consciousness moments. "My parents had a band when I was a kid and I remember loving the way the instruments looked and sounded. I wanted to be a drummer then. I wanted to have all those drums and symbols to play with. My dad bought me a snare and I cut a hole in the head, and that was the end of my drumming career. I continued to be a lover of music. My early influences were the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Willie Nelson and Bob Seager. Later, as I picked out my own music, I listened to Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, The Boomtown Rats, Blondie and The Who to name a few."

After stints in both cover and original bands Fletcher found Tom and Brian playing in and out of other local Houston bands. "The latest music incarnation is called Orents Stirner. The name came about when I was trying to say Lawrence Fishburn and instead said 'Orents Stirner'. My wife somehow got who I was trying to say!"

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Fletcher plays guitar and sings, Tom plays drums, Brian plays bass and keys, and Pablo Loco plays lead guitar. "The CD title Sweet Happy Sadness refers to that feeling you get when you are struck by something beautiful and passing at the same time and everything else just melts away. We recorded Sweet Happy Sadness with that in mind."

Fletcher StaffordBrian Baldwin

Orents Stirner is having a cd release party for Sweet Happy Sadness at Rudyard's on Saturday February 3rd., 2007. Sara Pierce will be opening.

Orents Stirner CD Release Party
8:00pm Sat. Feb. 3, 2007

2010 Waugh
Houston, TX 77006
713- 521-0521

For more info visit www.orentsstirner.com or check them out on myspace.

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