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"Some bands never see the inside of a van."

But The Jonbenét have and they are heading out on tour again. The road can be a fun nightmare for a young band in a van, just check out a few entries I pulled from their last tour's road diary below. The Jonbenét is Michael Murland - vocals; Daniel Miller - guitar; William Spent - bass; J. Andrew Ireland - drums. They play technically bent, chaotic hardcore punk rock that will melt your ears. Catch them at The Proletariat on June 21, 2006 before they split again and be sure give them something good to take with them on the road.

dann here. the following is my journals from the tour with fall of troy and at all cost.

for maximum enjoyment, read in a henry rollins-like voice. enjoy...

we're on tour right now with the fall of troy and at all cost. we've had a pretty amazing time. let's take it from the top.

san angelo, tx @ the longhorn
we met up with at all cost. pretty good turnout, good responses for both our bands. i don't remember a whole lot about this show. nothing too special happened.

lubbock, tx @ the pavillion
the place is an old slaughterhouse. fairly good turnout. sleep with zzzs was pretty tight. we met them earlier that day at the mall. we all hung out with those dudes that night. drew got bwned out of his pie and slept with his eyes open snoring on the dude's kitchen floor. mike theobald showed some girls his huge penis. decent night. slept in a recliner.

day off.
went to vegas. smoked everywhere. gambled. peter won 40 bucks.

i don't remember much of this day. stayed at a posh los angeles apartment of an aspiring actress. got accused of throwing condoms in a lady's yard.

bakersfield, ca @ montgomery world plaza
this place is a shithole. we played with some numetal bands and met blasko from rob zombie. the crowd was super shitty for a friday night. couple kids got into it. we still played hard. andrew from at all cost turns 22.

anaheim, ca @ chain reaction
get there way early. show card tricks to some girls who are also early. fall of troy shows up. i was worried they weren't going to talk to us. but they did. super awesome dudes. we played a pretty good set but mike is starting to get sick. dudes from wild eyes full of terror hang out. hilarious dudes. at all cost and fall of troy destroy.

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san diego, ca @ soma sidestage
this place is pretty rad. sounds good. hung out with wefot all day, got some ridiculous t shirts made. wefot played a good set. we went on, mike's pretty sick by this time. we get some girl to sing 'behold the white whore' but she stands up there saying 'i dont know the words' over and over. we had fun anyway. at all cost and fall of troy destroy. we eat in n out after the show. that place is overrated. after the show we hang out with dudes from before today in an rv. "controlled by a fucking plant." i slept next to bobby from at all cost. he sleeps in the dick n' ass.

tempe, az @ the clubhouse
we all caravan to this show and get there super late. mike's so sick he says he doesnt want to play. we get trey from at all cost to learn the words to 4 songs and he says he'd fill in. one of the opening bands was especially annoying. we go on, and mike's going to announce that trey is going to fill in but decides to stick it out so we play our normal set. it was great. crowd seemed somewhat into it. there were so many fights at this show. i got on stage and did backups for at all cost during death to distraction. i've been doing different songs every night since then. i didn't really watch fall of troy as close as usual this night. me and mike from aac were drinking at the bar. they still destroyed. we shared our copy of spoken 'get in the van' by henry rollins with aac and fall of troy. so all the bands listened to it and we're all talking like hank. what a drag.

day nine: driving. i have to go to a funeral when i get back. bummage.

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The latest available release is The Plot Thickens on Pluto Records and is available at shows and online here.

'Behold, The White Whore' - mp3 | video
'Eating Lightning Pt. I' - mp3

Look for the new release Ugly / Heartless, recorded live January 2006 at Johnny Killed Rock N' Roll Studios to be released soon, also from Pluto Records. "This is our first full-length record. It's raw, it's dark, it's delicious music to hate yourself to. Release date: TBA, Pre-order coming soon."


TOUR KICKOFF JUN 21 2006 Houston, TX @ The Proletariat w/ God's Temple Of Family Deliverence

JUN 23 2006 Austin, TX @ 423 Tillery w/ Warwulf
JUN 24 2006 Fort Worth, TX @ Competition Music
JUN 25 2006 Tulsa, OK @ Posers
JUN 26 2006 Malta Bend, MO @ Bister Migstuff's
JUN 27 2006 Lexington, KY @ Southside Christian Church
JUN 28 2006 Pittsburgh, PA @ TBA
JUN 29 2006 Selinsgrove, PA @ The Firehouse Cafe

JUN 30 2006 Buffalo, NY @ The Icon w/ Yakuza
JUL 01 2006 Clevleland, OH @ Grog Shop w/ Yakuza
JUL 02 2006 Detroit, MI @ Alvin's w/ Yakuza
JUL 03 2006 Dekalb, IL @ House Cafe w/ Yakuza
JUL 05 2006 Saint Louis, MO @ Creepy Crawl w/ Yakuza
JUL 06 2006 Des Moine, IA @ House of Bricks w/ Signal To Noise
JUL 07 2006 Minneapolis, MN @ Quest Club w/ Signal To Noise
JUL 08 2006 Lawrence, KS @ The Bottleneck w/ Signal To Noise
JUL 09 2006 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater w/ Signal To Noise
JUL 10 2006 Salt Lake City, UT @ Avalon Theater w/ Signal To Noise
JUL 11 2006 Boise, ID @ The Venue w/ Signal To Noise
JUL 12 2006 Spokane, WA @ Fat Tuesday's w/ Signal To Noise
JUL 13 2006 Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey Lounge
JUL 14 2006 Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater
JUL 15 2006 Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk
JUL 16 2006 Paso Robles, CA @ Masonic Lodge
JUL 17 2006 Fresno, CA @ The Belmont
JUL 19 2006 Corona, CA @ Showcase Theater
JUL 20 2006 San Diego, CA @ Soma
JUL 21 2006 Las Vegas, NV @ Celebrity Theater
JUL 22 2006 Tempe, AZ @ The Clubhouse
JUL 23 2006 Tucson, AZ @ Skrappy's
JUL 25 2006 San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
JUL 26 2006 Houston, TX @ Walter's


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