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Sunday, Sep 24th, 2017
Name: James
Just looking to meet up with some like minded people play some nasty gritty doom/ sludge metal man. I myself play the Mic. Looking for drums Guitars and bass 7 and 8 string is a plus! Some of my influences ...Pantera Superjoint Ritual Eyehategod, DevilDriver GG Allin, Weedeater,Down, Assjack, HAARP, P.H.A and The Illegals, Meshuggah, to name a few. First thing I would like to get a few people together From there we can discuss a time and date to meet up and jam.
Phone: 281-717-0753
Email: Jamesfinney88@gmail.com

Thursday, Sep 21st, 2017
Name: D.L. Collins
BASS guitarist sought for an established, high energy, performing band. Must be versatile, team player, & professional. Should be adaptive, & preferably in the North Houston area. Solid vocals or backup vocals are a plus, but not mandatory. Please leave an email if interest ed in an audition for: D.L. Collins
Email: Showay@aol.com

Tuesday, Sep 19th, 2017
Name: Muttley Escobar
We are looking for a bassist to complete our band. The person has to be into punk rock (not just familiar with what makes it to the radio) and be able to help with song writing and arrangements. Some of the songs are fast while others are mid tempo and melodic. Requirements: 1. You listen to punk rock (e.g. Black Flag, Minor Threat, Pennywise, Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere); 2. You have reliable transportation; 3. You can commit to practicing weekly; 4. You do not abuse alcohol (responsible social drinking is fine) or use any drugs; 5. You are in your mid/late 20s or older. All of us have professional gear. We have a great practice space on the east side of Houston and four songs written as of today. Our goals? Play some local shows this fall/winter and record an e.p. at some point down the road. Note: We're not looking to make a career out of music as we all have day jobs. Here are rough demos of two songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lObLAXDEmrc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vd1My72A5Vc If you'd like to audition, then please drop a line. Thanks!
Phone: 832 398-1528
Email: muttleyescobar@yahoo.com

Tuesday, Sep 19th, 2017
Name: Independent Media Promotion
Hi my name is Steve I'm a pro drummer based out of The Woodlands. I consider myself fulltime/seasonal but consummate for the service of the art. I began drumming for a living in Lawrence KS in 1992 and started an agency in 1996. The agencies participation in the Houston Area consists most significantly as a small rehearsal studio in The Woodlands where a cooperative of talent has manifested a small production company offering creative space and tutoring,backline instrument rentals,rehearsals obviously and entertainment booking services. WE seek vocalists and are auditioning regularly for rock and r&b groups and offer hired guns from Australia. WE seek instructors for horn instruments WE lock out for recording projects and seek the mobile engineer. We have musicians and we want to employ them. Singers? Where are you?
Phone: 832 403 5099
Email: Learndrumset@yahoo.com

Tuesday, Sep 19th, 2017
Name: Billy
Drummer looking for Classic Rock/Pop band. Must Be located in Houston Area only. Have own Gear & Transport. Not looking for any drama--I'm all about the music. Must have gigs on the horizon. Influences include: Jimi Hendrix, Beatles(together & solo) British invasion, Rolling stones, B.B. King, SRV, AC/DC, Beach Boys, The Who, and others to be named later. Please, No flakes or Primadonnas or troublemakers--gone thru too much of that already! SERIOUS PLAYERS ONLY! Give me a call if interested--281-703-1430 ASAP!
Phone: 281.703.1430
Email: littledrumerboy5@yahoo.com

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