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Monday, Oct 14th, 2019
Sup people! we are looking for a bass player and a vocalist (male or female is cool) for our band. We do rock, classic rock, funk, blues, Spanish rock, and originals. We do it all! We practice in a recording studio near downtown. Looking for people with experience and who are cool with wanting to work with a group that’s been doing it for a while! We like people who want to be a part of something, and can commit to one or two practices a week. Usually we rehearse on Sunday and Wednesday. If you like this situation then give us a shout we can set up an audition, we do have samples. We also do covers from 70s, 80s, little 90s and 2000s. We are in our 40s+, no drama, vices etc. please. Call 832-466-6874 for info.
Phone: 713-447-2274

Tuesday, Oct 1st, 2019
Name: Chris
Monthly rooms available, also Houston’s best hourly room! Call for this months specials!
Phone: 832-272-7060
Email: Chris@rockroomstudio.com

Thursday, Sep 26th, 2019
My grammatical and lyrical expertise may be of use to you.$10,000.00 per song lyric.Call
Phone: 832-760-5413
Email: tonymusicmatters@gmail.com

Thursday, Sep 26th, 2019
Name: Mike
Vocalist looking for a southern metal band.send me a song that's more or less your styl,I'll send you a recording of me singing that song. If the song is not in my vocal range I'll let you know.
Phone: 8329094140
Email: michaelfontenot77@yahoo.com

Thursday, Sep 26th, 2019
Name: Jym Pagel
I'm releasing my album on Oct 1 and I'm looking for anyone who's interested in joining / starting a band! I'm a singer-songwriter similar to Matchbox Twenty, Kris Allen, Train, The Script, and Jacks Mannequin. You can search "Jym Pagel" on iTunes, Spotify, etc to hear some of my released music. You can also check out the teaser trailer for my album here where you can get a sample of my music in bite-sized chunks: https://youtu.be/t5CyA_TIR1M
Phone: 281-881-9646
Email: jympagel@gmail.com

Thursday, Sep 26th, 2019
Name: Dave
Drotten local melodic death metal band seeks keyboard player. We have opened for the likes of Wolfheart, Carach Angren, Ensiferum, Septic Flesh, Arsis and Uada. We are not looking for Mozart but some knowledge would be nice. Must have ability to help with band expenses such as rent and merch. Have transportation and equipment. We have a Roland XP30 at the studio already. Influences include: Amon Amarth Ensiferum Elluviette Tyr Arkona Emperor Limbonic Art Carcass and so on. If interested email me dominuslimitus@yahoo.com
Email: dominuslimitus@yahoo.com

Sunday, Sep 22nd, 2019
Name: I.M.P.
Speed Metal Band seeks homeless bass player. Few have ability to leave this town for any length of time to tour.... your homeless ass got nothing to lose. Now , can you play? This shit is difficult and technical, and fast. You may need to practice. Homelessness is not required but its a plus in this rare case. There's alot of lucrative procrastination going on in this town and we know it's tough. Folks get in over their head sometimes and the next thing ya know they got families and jobs n significant others with expectations n shit. LAME!! Where's the homeless idiot savant with his axe in pawn? We got you're gym membership.
Email: Impstudiohouston@gmail.com

Sunday, Sep 22nd, 2019
Name: az
Looking for a killer drummer as well as bassist- wanting to do a true Texas southern rock ‘n’ roll thing. Wanting to play music - instead of being confined to the Houston blues bullshit. I have the ability to fill any venue. Let me know if you’re interested
Phone: 281-236-4342
Email: Allenzadeh@gmail.com

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