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Alan Haynes is a soulful slide guitarist from Houston who now resides in Austin, Tx. Alan's playing and singing are inspired by the great blues masters like Ray Charles, B.B. King, Wayne Bennet and Bobby Blue Bland along with Texas pickers and sliders Albert Collins, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, and of course, Johnny Winter, who's southern growl creeps into Alan's singing as well. His latest release, "Live At The Big Easy," which was recorded at Houston's Big Easy Social & Pleasure Club, lays to rest any doubts that Alan is a premiere Texas guitarist and singer. "Wishing Well," his 1994 studio effort, showcases Alan's smooth licks and cool r&b vocal stylings as well as stinging Texas tone and shouts remeniscent of Texas greats Lightnin' Hopkins and Gatemouth Brown.

I caught Alan Haynes playing with his good friend Tony Vega and Tony's new bass player Jessica Bucheit, along with the Mighty Orq at The Hideaway the other night. The blues are still dripping from Alan's masterful hands on his beautifully worn red Stratocaster guitar he got from the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan. And his soulful voice can still swing from the barely audible notes he sings harmonizing with his guitar to the uplifting shouts that will keep you dancing all night long.

Alan Haynes and Tony Vega at Billy Blues

Both Alan Haynes and Tony Vega recently toured Europe. They went at different times but both did so with great results. "Most of the places I play in Europe are pretty cool," Alan told Bill Fountain of Southwest Blues Magazine, "The European audiences are more serious. Americans audiences enjoy the music but can be doing other things, you know, laughing and talking. . . whereas the Europeans are really more focused, kinda staring at you, making you nervous. Not in a bad way, just makes you kinda stiff sometimes. Usually they really dig it. They can be wild sometimes. Depends on what country you are in. I played in Tel Aviv recently. They’re a great audience actually. It was beautiful there. Really nice people. Really great musicians. They had learned my CD before I got there. Really played well. It made it so much fun. It was like showing up and having your band that you’re just kinda meeting. They’re real friendly. There’s no time for anybody to get on each other’s nerves. It made it incredibly easy."

Get the latest information from Christian Groebel's Bluesguitarist Alan Haynes web site. Many thanks to Christian for supporting Alan and Texas Music. By the way, he lives in Germany! Oh yeah, some of the earliest Texans were German! Thanks again Christian!