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A Bitter Season

Houston, TX 77379
A Bitter Season, the alternative rock band based out of Houston, has hit the scene running! With their melodic hard rock rhythms and catchy harmonies, A Bitter Season always leaves fans craving more! Based out of the Spring Cypress area, these guys are guaranteed to give you an incredible live show, as well as songs that move you in ways only they know how. Up and coming, A Bitter Season is definitely a band to keep your eye on!
alternative, rock, metal, originals, progressive

A Bubble in the Sun

Alvin, TX 77511
Good ol' funky rock.
funk, rock,

A Candle Lit City

Houston, TX 77573
We are a hardcore screamo band from the clear lake area! check out our music video and cd release august 10th 2011
hardcore, originals

A Devil Amongst Tailors

Pasadena, TX 77504
instrumental, indie, rock,

A different spin

Houston, TX 77070
super amazing awesome sickness...its just a different spin on plain punk genres
punk, pop punk, punk crunk, hard punk, emo punk,

A dream Asleep

Houston, TX 77006
Aggressive Post-Hardcore Band with Punk, Metal and Southern Rock influences. Screaming vocals and intense spuratice music.

A girl named Jaen

Pasadena,, ca 91109
Sometimes, an artist comes along whose music combines undeniable honesty and sophistication, introspection and accessibility, vulnerability and strength. a girl named jaen blends these qualities together seamlessly on her debut opus DUSK, an impressive recording that couples modern electronic soundscapes with acoustic instrumentation, and compelling lyrics with infectious hooks.
indie, rock, alternmative


Houston, TX 77084
A Midnight in Chicago is a Canadian/American rock band based out of Houston, Texas.
rock, alternative, punk, pop, originals, new age, metal, industrial, heavy, hardcore, emo,

A New Desire

Spring, TX 77386
We are a Screamo/Post-Hardcore from Oak Ridge High School trying to get noticed out there. For fans of: The Bled Atreyu Silverstien Senses Fail Hawthrone Hieghts The Used Saosin Funeral For A Friend Bury Your Dead
Screamo, Post, Hardcore, Emo, Indie, Metalcore, Heavy, Hard,

A Place We Both Know

Houston, TX 77573
Tyler - vocal,Trey - vocal, Chase - guitar, Ryan - Drums, - loud, powerful and energetic.
death metal,

A Rival

Houston, TX
Alternative Rock
alternative, rock, covers, originals

a second thought

Houston, TX
I'm just one guy looking to send out a message though my music

A Story Untold

Houston, TX 77090
A Story Untold is a mixture of all our influences. (can be found on our site)
emo/post hardcore/screamo

A Sure Thing

Houston, TX 77049
A Sure Thing is a Houston based, energetic, jaw dropping, chills up and down your spine, not your average, make you say, "OMG" five piece party band. With a lengthy list of varied music selections, we can make any event a momentous occasion. Rock, pop, funk, soul, country, Latin, Tejano, and dance from the 70's to today's current hi ts, we will have you and your guests up and cheering, singing and dancing, reminiscing and romancing. Music connects us all, and music is what we do. That's A Sure Thing!.
alternative, blues, country, covers, classic, dance, funk, groove, Latin, pop, R&B, reggae, rock, Tejano


Houston, TX 77004
Down south with a blend of southern styles.
Rap, Southern Rap,


Houston, TX
Lyrics-Deep, Sound-Think Tool mixed with NIN, and then some orgy, and radiohead.
Rock, industrial, hard, metal

Abbey Rode - A Beatles Tribute

Houston, TX 77459
A Tribute to the music genius of the Beatles!!!
classic,tribute to the Beatles

Abrahams Tree

Houston, TX

Ace of Many Faces

Houston, TX 77016
Check me out at http://www.contrabandenterprise.com and reverbnation.com/contraband8 . Original hip hop music. Chicago bred professional, artist, and music creator.
hip hop, rap


Houston, TX 77506
Total Pissed off side of the Houston scene but music can make you kick someone in the face...innocent or not were Acora
Hardcore, Death Metal, Progressive

Acoustic Villains

Houston, TX 77339
Acoustic Villains are from Houston Texas and consist of Mike Casey and Dave Kerly. They both supply guitar and vocals, and Dave adds some harmonica as well. Their harmonies are among the finest of any duo on the scene today. They have been entertaining audiences in the Houston area by delivering the finest Classic Rock n Roll Music with a no holes barred attitude. In additon to the duo, we are pleased to have a great Quartet out on the scene as well. Larry Harrison is on Bass and Vocals and Matt Wood is on Drums. The most notable thing about the repertoire of either the duo or quartet is the diversity! We play something for everyone. Whether you were at Woodstock, Live Aid or Lollapalooza, you'll be sure to hear something you like.
acoustic, rock, covers, classic


Houston, TX 77598
Hip hop / fusion in spanish!
Hiphop, fusion, rap, dnb,


Houston, TX 77065
Formed with a specific mission at heart, Adelaine sets out to make a difference in the lives of all that hear their music, living out Gandhi’s timeless words of being the change you want to see. "One thing that we feel sets us apart is the passion we put into our music, and why we do it. It’s not about being famous or the money. Above all else we want our music to make a positive difference, to inspire hope, change, love, compassion, courage, and mercy. We believe that music can make a difference and it’s our responsibility to set ourselves apart and be a positive example” says the band. This becomes personified through the resounding anthem, “your heart is your weapon, it’s time to make our move”. With the joint belief that there will be no happiness unless they are doing what they are meant to do, Adelaine creates a work of art in its purest form: raw, edgy, and filled with heart and soul. Adelaine has been highly acclaimed by both fans and industry, yet they remain focused on delivering a message of hope and redemption to the masses. The band’s mission is bringing back a long lost piece of what music today has lost, and along with it a glimmer of light that is faith filled hope in this dark world. They plan to take their mission on the road and beyond armed with the “Take Heart” EP.
alternative, originals, punk, rock, pop


Houston, TX

Advent Scars

Houston, TX 77095
We're a group of friends trying to do the best we can.
Hardcore, Screamo, Pop, Rock, Experimental, Emo, Punk, Metalcore, Techno, Electronic,

Aerial Second

Pasadena, TX 77505
We are a new hard driving post-harcore band from the Houston area trying to get our stuff out anyway we can so please come and check us out!!

After Time Has Passed

Houston, TX 77099
ATHP is an instrumental progressive metal - whatever. Just look listen to our music and you will not only understand but feel what the lyrics in each song should be.
instrumental, rock, progressive, metal, instrumetal, prog rock, rocky & proggy, tasty groovy


Houston, TX
Death Metal
Death Metal

Against the Dark

The Woodlands, TX 77382
Post hardcore, rock, metal, punk, heavy but catchy, influenced by A7X, bfmv, and asking alexandria
Post hardcore, rock, metal, punk

Aiken Lawing Co.

Houston, TX 77034
Adam & Keith is now “Aiken-Lawing Co.” We’re still Adam & Keith, just changing the look of things around here; doing a little ‘spring cleaning’ as it were. Keep an eye out for new videos and new venues!
covers,country,rockabilly, texas country, classic country


Houston, TX 77063
Classic rock covers from the 60's, 70's & 80's
classic, rock, covers

Aishite Imasu

Houston, TX 77008
Our music combines psychedelic noise with the aggresion of rock and the laid back effect of jazz
electronic, jazz, rock, psychedelic

Al Casey & The BB's

Houston, TX 77371
Dance Tunes through the ages of R&B, Country, Blues, Pop, your Favorite Oldies and Classic & Southern Rock

Al Lil Fats Jackson

Houston, TX 70072
Fats Domino Tribute and 60's Rock ans Roll. New Orleans Rythm and Blues
New Orleans Rythm and Blues

Al White

Channelview, TX 77530
Country, Rock
Smooth, Soulful, Country, Rock,


Houston, TX
Acoustic psychedelic minimalist stoner rock. Progressive gothic sludge rock. Electronic industrial noise.
acoustic, progressive, goth, folk, rock, industrial, electronic, experimental, noise,

Alan Haynes

Austin, TX
Born in Houston, living in Austin, Alan is a premiere Texas guitarist and singer.
Blues, Rock, R&B, Pop

Alberto Poncè

Houston, TX 77058
i have influences from classical and jazz and i played in a lot of indie bands in my career this project is a solo, a why to express in lyrics what the melody makes you feel
indie-rock, post-punk, acoustic, classical

Alfred's Chorus

Houston, TX 77073
Early 2004, members of Dustin Hayze Band and the Matt Miller Band joined up to form Alfred’s Chorus. This came to be a rock n’ roll collaboration in the making. After a few months and half an album later, there still seemed to be a few elements left to improve on. The band continued to evolve absorbing inspiration from everything around them (mostly empty beer bottles and full ash trays) and finally came to an epiphany with the introduction of Texas Toast very own Ryan Nave. The jam band known now as Alfred’s Chorus is complete and heading into the unknown territory of live original music once known by our forefathers as a Rhythm-and-Blues-Psychedelic-Texas-Jam-Rock-N-Roll!
Rock n Roll, Blues


Houston, TX 77055
Rock... You have to hear it to believe it!
rock, keys, original, electronica, three piece, loud, driving, dance, pop rock, hard rock, melodic,


Houston, TX 77388
sludge metal
sludge, metal, rock,

All is Black

Houston, TX
4-peice band that will ROCK your world!

All Too Human

Houston, TX
Progressive metal music, cross between Rush, Queensryche, Dream Theater.
progressive, metal,

All Transistor

Houston, TX


Katy, TX 77449
Band performs Metal Core. All original music...no cover music. Lively and energetic. Soul touching! Look out for our upcoming shows!
Metal Core

Allen Luke

Houston, TX 77072
Melodic, experimental, Alt. Hard Rock w/ Metal background... Been all over when it comes to style. Prefer to be in a league of my own. Love me, hate me...you decide.
Alternative, Rock

Allen Oldies Band

Houston, TX 77002
oldies, rock, pop, covers
oldies, rock, pop, covers

Alloy Dragon

Bellville, TX 77418
Alloy Dragon covers rock from the late 60's through the early 90's, from AC/DC to ZZ Top.
rock, classic rock, covers,

Almost Blue

Houston, TX
neo-standard, somewhat skiffle, classic pop
blues, classic, folk, originals, pop

Already Gone - Eagles Tribute Band

Houston, TX 77077
Houston's only Eagles Tribute Band
classic, southern, rock,


Houston/Katy, TX 77493
always and never is a experimental acoustic project
rock, progressive, alternative

Alyson Chayns (playing AIC)

Houston, TX 77002
four fans of one of the greatest american rock bands playing Alice In Chains and other grunge favorites - avail in acoustic format or full show
rock, alternative, grunge, tribute,

Amanita Virosa

Santa Fe, TX 77517
... if jesus could play ...
classic, metal, hardcore

Amber and the Old Rascals

Alvin, TX 77511
Haggard to Jones and Rock-and-Roll, too. We are available for dances, parties, receptions, weddings, and anniversaries. We play many styles (country, rock, 50?s, 60?s, 70?s, 80?s, new country, and Motown) from many decades.
Classic Rock, rock, Country, r&b,

American Martens

Houston, TX 77008
Female fronted rock from Houston, TX

American X

Houston, TX 77034
Original Rock band based out the 80s genre but molded over time into its own style.
AMERICANXBAND, @AMERICANXBAND, Only my heart, James Crutcher, Billy Gardner

Among The Recovered

Houston, TX 77036
Local Houston Band Pop-Post-Punk/Alternative/Hard-Rock, “Theatrical, Artsy, Edgy” Influences include; MCR, HIM, Ghost, Rush, Green Day, Ramones, Misfits, and Marylin Manson. Early 2000’s throwback sound.
Alternative, emo, heavy, hardcore, punk, pop, aggressive, rock, hard,

Amy Lauro

Houston, TX 77074
Amy's style and original compositions have been influenced by both classical training and contemporary artists such as Joni Mitchell, Shawn Colvin, Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan. Pianist/Vocalist
Pop, New Age, Folk Rock, Classical.

Andi Rae Healy

New York, NY 11215
Country meets folk meets rock meets blues. Both intensely personal and universal, the exciting, addictive melodies and intriguing, straight forward lyrics reflect the influence of artists like Stevie Nicks and Tori Amos. No matter what you're in the mood for, Andi Rae is sure to satisfy.
Alternative, Country, Originals, Alt-Country, Americana

Andrew Wade Band

Katy, TX 77449
A fusion of Alt-Rock and Country lyrics
Country, Rock, Roots Rock, Alt-Rock, Americana

Angels and Outlaws

Deer Park, TX 77536
Southern Rock
Southern Rock, alternative, covers

Anguish In Exile

Houston, TX


Houston, TX 77077
The "Female fronted" Music of Animose is Rock based with a Variety of Musical Styles Melted In and served to Perfection.
rock, funk

Ann "Crawfish" Brown

Houston, TX 77064
zydeco, blues, country

Annabel Lee

Beaumont, TX 77632
Fast melodic Metalcore with a death influence :] haha.
metal, Hardcore,

Annetta Haynes

Houston, TX
Vocalist/Keyboards/Pianist/Songwriter; original tunes are pop/neo-soul with jazz and R&B influence.

Annie Lin

Houston, TX
Houston-based Annie Lin is a 5'4 guitar-toting pixie who plays quirky, acoustic pop. Often compared to such artists as Victoria Williams and Mary Lou Lord, she brings off-kilter charm and rock n' roll ferocity to the rarified genre of folk. Fans of Ani DiFranco and Lisa Loeb will vouch for her music, which The Houston Press calls "savvy and academically rooted."
folk pop aggressive annie alternative acoustic guitar pop originals world hip

Another Nail

El Campo, TX 77437
Fast, relentless, and heavy.

Another Pearl Harbor

New Caney, TX 77357
Another Pearl Harbor sounds like a three-piece guitar oriented rock band with a big sound. Light and airy at times yet razor sharp at others. The music takes you on a journey through sub-genres layered with ambient echoes and bluesy juiciness. The music should evoke the mind as it aims to inspire. Clint and Casey played for several years in a band called Ill Logik. Jacob had known Clint since high school. All had played in several bands throughout the years. After jamming together for many months off and on they decided to take it to the next level. It took a long time to come up with the right name for the band due to the band's loose musical direction at the time. They were playing anything from heavy riff laden music to colorful ambience and of course some juicy blues rock. The name had to fit. Another Pearl Harbor was born. After making three different attempts at having a front man, the band decided it was inevitable. A three piece. Casey, whom had been singing cover songs for the band, grew a sack and stepped up to the mic and started writing lyrics. The rest is history.
Indie, Rock, Guitar based, Instrumental, Groovy, Psychedelic, Jewish

antarctica starts here

Houston, TX 77573
a wall of sadness coming down on you. a melting of my bloody valentine and mogwai with some portishead thrown in.
alternative, originals, rock


Houston, TX 77057
original instrumental works, Rock/Pop with elements of New Age and Electronica; mainstream/pop structure;
rock, techno, new age,

Antonio Estevan Huerta

Houston, TX 77017
Original anthemic pop/rock
Pop, Rock, Americana,


Spring, TX 77011
A diverse mixture of Metal. Each member contributes to songwriter and each member comes from a different genre of Metal.
Metal, Hardcore, Death


Houston, TX 77040
People that have heard us play say that we sound like Metallica mixed with Alice In Chains. We write all of our own material, so we're 100% original.
metal, rock, original, heavy

Archbishop of Twang

Sugar Land, TX 77479
Eccentric Singer/ Songwriter the Archbishop of Twang and his two bands (The Last of the Southern Dandies and Sarong Nation) put out a thick and meaty bled of "Bobcore"/Comedy -Rock. With influences ranging from Jazz, to Trad. Country, to Blues, Bob, Classic Rock, Garrage, Surf, Rockabilly, and everything-in-between, they put out an ecclectic, strange, maddening mix of improvised and premeditated lunacy to suit your savage heart.

Arms of Eternity

Houston, TX 77006
A mixture of hard rock and alternative music.
Rock, Alternative


Porter, TX 77365
punk music, in your face, drunken fuck you style punk rock, with the occasional folk/love song type sound.
punk, rock, folk, pop, surf,

Arnie Sykes (Austin, TX)

Austin, TX
Mainstream hip-hop from rapper/actor/comedian Arnie Sykes, mixing clever beats and rhymes with metaphors and pop culture.
hip hop, comedy

Art Decco

Houston, TX 77057
It Is What it is... -Art Decco
Hip-Hop, Rap, Etc.

Art Institute

Houston, TX 77289
"Dude, you guys sound like the Talking Heads and Devo." "Hey man, you guys sound like the Dead Kennedys and Mission of Burma." "Oh wow, like you guys totally remind me of Tubeway Army and like early Killing Joke." "Did you guys listen to a lot of Buzzcocks? 'Cause you guys totally remind me of the Buzzcocks." "You guys remind of the Pixies... and I really like the Pixies. Do you guys listen to the Pixies?"
post punk, new wave, punk, electronic

Arthur Atkins

Deer Park, TX 77536
I play guitar. I'm looking for a band in which to do so. Pretty easy going. Can work around school.

Arthur Yoria

Houston, TX

Artificial Zero

Houston, Texas 77573
Industrial Rock/Metal
industrial, rock, electronic, metal

As Eden Burns

Houston, TX 77043
We are an all original houston area metal band with influences similar to the black dahlia murder

Ashbury Keys

Houston, TX 77007
Alternative Rock
alternative, pop, rock,

Ashley Franklin

Houston, TX 77545
indie-ish Jazz Folk Artist, Acoustic love :)
folk, indie, jazz, acoustic,

Ashley Noot

Houston, TX
my music is generally described as more of a pop alternative feel. ive been compared to artists, sheryl crow, alanis morrisette, norah jones, avril lavigne and others... to give you a good idea! i love all music, and my sound varies!
pop, alternative


Houston and Surrounding Area, TX 77001
AsIs reminds their audience that the best bands simply don't take things AsIs--they're taking entertainment to another level. AsIs band members are musicians with versatile skill and talent for every crowds enjoyment. The band works with a professional attitude and with experience that will take you on a fun and entertaining ride at every show--guaranteed! AsIs covers a variety of music. Some funk and blues keeps the crowd tappin' their feet, while the classic and alternative rock keeps the hardcore fans in check. Don't settle for the same ole, same ole...get some variety with AsIs. Why you ask? We ask, Why Not? AsIs rocks into the fall with awesome support from family and friends. With an already established fan base, this rock band isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
covers, funk, rock, alternative, classic, pop, groove

Asmodeus X

Houston, TX 77098
Dark Industrial, Kinetic EBM, Shamanic/Psi-trance.
Industrial, EBM, Darkwave


Houston, TX 77373
Formed in October of 2009, Asunder is a heavy/alternative/progressive rock band out of Houston, TX. After many years of being friend's and being in different band's, Wade and James decided it was time to form a group that was true to each individuals desires for the "perfect" band. Within a day of this decision they met Jonny. Instantly, music was being pumped out of the jam room. The 3 members then decided to look for their frontman and sure enough Dave "Gonzo" popped up. After the first jam session as a whole, the band felt as if they had been jamming for years together and that it was just another day in paradise. After all was said and done, the 4 members formed the band Asunder. The music is 100% pure emotion and it speaks for itself.
Metal, Alternative,

Atomic Opera

Houston, TX
rock, ministry
rock, ministry


College Station, TX 77840
We are Atrium, a four piece band from Bryan/College Station, Texas. We play an original, yet catchy blend of Indie, Alternative, and Post-hardcore, but we're more a live band than anything. While we try our best to come up with our own sound, people have often compared us to the likes of Incubus, Blindside, Emery, and Beloved.
Indie, Alternative, Post-hardcore, Experimental

Aubrey Dunham

Houston, TX


Houston, TX 77027
New band with a unique sound... Synth/Rock from a new perspective. Edgy at one moment, almost ambient the next... A very diverse taste in musical preference leads us to be a very versitile band.
Rock, Electronic, Industrial, Alternative

Audio In The Pregap

Houston, TX 77007
We are a Houston band called Audio In The Pregap and we probably in the experimental indie rock genre
alternative, dance, rock, indie,


Houston, TX 77584
Cover band
covers; alternative, pop, dance, funk.


Conroe, TX 77302
we are basically a garage/alt/punk band with low quality. But we have really good songs.
alternative, garage, punk

Austin Jones Band

Pasadena, TX 77505
A tasty Rock Band from Houston Texas. Edgy guitar solos with catchy melodies! This music will have you singing and moving along!
Indie Progressive Intellegent Rock.

Axel and the RearEnds

Spring, TX 77386
We do our own thing. We like to stray away from whats the "in" thing at the time. Our influences are 60's to 90's rock.
Grunge, rock, indie, punk,

Azrael's Bane

Houston, TX 77064
melodic hook rock/metal,heavy on the vocal harmonies, comparable to Dokken, Lillian Axe, and Queensryche
hard rock, metal

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