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Houston, TX 77062


Houston, TX 77004
An award-winning reggae group that creates a unique musical gumbo of continental African and African Diasporic rhythms melded with smooth vocals, colorful staging, pop hooks and melodious sounds and a healthy dose of jazz, funk, R&B and Latin influences!
World Reggae, Dance


Friendswood, TX 77546
D2 is Dave Watson and DeWayne Skipper. We both play guitar and sing harmony with one another. No backing tracks, just two guitars and two voices pure and simple. We play hits from the 60's to the hits of today. You may hear anything from CCR to Britney Spears to Cher. We do it all!
classic, acoustic, folk,traditional, rock


Houston, TX
Alternative with an 80's metal flare. "Positive Metal with Attitude"

Dan Ennis

Houston, TX
The music of Dan Ennis could be generally categorized as acoustic folk, but remnants of classic country, acoustic pop, and even rock and roll are all present in his work. Dan is a very accomplished and a very unique singer-songwriter whose lyrics are profound and refreshing. His music not only entertains, but also often carries a message derived from political or sociological influences. Dan captivates an audience with his warm personality, his high energy, and his well-crafted songs.
blues, country, folk, jazz, originals, pop, rock

Dan's Band

Houston, TX 77450
Dan's Band plays the top hits in many genres. Weddings, corporate and private parties.
blues, country, covers, classic, dance, funk, jazz, pop, rock, motown,


Port Neches, TX 77651
DanceBabyDance is a young and talented band trying to climb the its way to fame. With a creative entergetic performance DanceBabyDance is the band that leaves you dancing and wanting more chugs and chops.
Hardcore, Metal, LotsaCore,

Dangerously Beautiful

Houston, TX 77005
Country Music with an EDGE!
Rock, Country


Houston, TX 77042
rock, fusion, instrumental

Danica Sommer

Houston, TX 77386
I'm a singer who wishes to be in a band playing alternative/modern rock. My voice is soprano, but with a wide range. Pretty, but edgy sound.
alternative, punk, pop, rock,

Danny Patterson

Houston, TX 77019
Danny's music can be described as clasic rock to blues rock all with a slightly modern edge added in the mix.
Christian, blues, classic, rock, country, rockabilly

Dark Mourning

Houston, TX 77068
We are a rock band with a female vocalist. Currently we play covers, however we intend to play originals soon! Our covers include Screaming Trees, Flyleaf, Alanis Morissette, Misfits, Danzig, The Ramones, and The Gathering.
alternative, covers, heavy, punk, rock

Dark Surf

Houston, TX
We are an Instrumental Surf Rock / Trip Hop band from Houston, Tx. We play about 90% originals with a few surfy covers here and there.
surf, jamband, rock, world,

Darwins God

Houston, TX 77079
Darwins God is a 4-piece band based out of Houston, Texas- labeled as “Houston’s Original Classic Rock Band”, they were formed in Katy, TX during 2007. Though relatively new to the Houston scene, Darwins God members bring with them years of experience both as writers and performers- in the studio and on the stage. With member experiences consisting of everything from state-side touring to European stints, from casual studio experience to first-call studio players, the backbone of this group is second to none. Often compared to the likes of The Eagles or The Allman Brothers Band because of their affinity for vocal harmonies, and southern-style, classic, bluesy tones, you are sure to find their sound as refreshing as it is familiar. While those comparisons may satisfy at a glance, further listening will unveil the quality and depth of lyric that winds its way through the melodies. One minute you’re in the swamps of Louisiana at dusk, relaxing in a old hand-built rocking chair on the porch or your run-down shanty…the next you’re packing your bags, and leaving everything you know behind on a search for new beginnings. The songs in the Darwins God original set list will conjure up memories of a time when players not only cared about playing well, but about the song. Songwriting is number on priority for Darwins God- believing that a great song is timeless- and still preferred even in today’s quick-fix/cookie cutter world of music.
rock, classic, originals,

Dave Elles Band

Houston, TX 77065
Texas Outlaw Country
country, alternative country, texas country, americana

Dave Miley

Houston, TX 77362
Dave Miley Guitarist/Vocalist Solo entertainer-One Man Band. All size venues from Large night Clubs to back yard parties Live Guitarist/Vocalist with Computer/Sequencer back up. As good as any four piece band but 1/2 the price! NO Brag, Just Fact!
Rock, Blues, Country, Dance, Originals

David Brake & That Damn Band

Houston, TX 77063
A mixture of rock, country, and blues, where the song determines the genre.
originals, country, rock, blues, progressive

Davin James

Houston, TX
country, americana
country, americana

Day of the Reign

Houston, TX 77049
60s-Today's Rock influenced.
Rock, Alternative

Daylight Coma

Houston, TX 77088
hardcore, metal, rock
hardcore, metal, rock,

Daze Past

Pasadena, TX
A Houston area Rock Band that cover's songs from Godsmack, Alice in Chains, STP, Puddle of Mudd and other Mainstream Rock/metal bands. We add a twist to the music with a supreme vocalist.
Rock, Metal, Covers, alternative

Dead Buffalo

Houston, TX 77003
Stoner Doom Sludge All originals.
doom, sludge, stoner, sabbath, metal, rock, blues

Dead Century

Houston, TX 77388
Grunge influenced, guitar driven punk with classic rock roots.
punk, hard, alternative, rock, grunge, rock & roll


Houston, TX 77381
we are a new band looking to play some gigs if ay one will let us open or headline please contact us
punk,rock,alternative, some metal


VIDOR, TX 77662

Dead Rage

Baytown, TX 77520
Old school Heavy Metal inspired by Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Dio.
metal, rock, classic, heavy,


Houston, TX 77093
Heavy Metal band, with neck breaking pounding sound. Available for gigs!
heavy,metal,hard,hardcore,techno,punk,industrial,ministry,new age,originals,progressive, rock,world


Houston, TX 77077
Modern Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock
Alternative, Hard Rock, Classic Rock

Dean Seltzer & The Redneck Mothers

Houston, TX 77040
Red Dirt, Texas Country, originals and covers. High energy show with a lot of audience interaction.
Red Dirt, Texas Country, singer-songwriter, originals, covers

Deanna Haughey

Spring, TX 77383-2
Original dark acoustic rock. Compares to Sting meets PJ Harvey. Passionate vocals and thought provoking lyrics.
acoustic, rock, pop, folk

Dear Athena

Santa Fe, TX 77510
Fast paced metal
Metal, Hardcore,

Death Before Disco

Katy, TX 77493
We are a pop punk band that will make you move and jump and dance much like paramore meets chiodos.
Pop Punk,Rock,Screamo

Death By Injection

Houston, TX 77002
Original Texas Crime Music and classic rock.
progressive, classic, originals, progressive

Death By Stereo

Los Angeles, CA 90045
Formed in 1998, been on tour ever since. With three albums under our belt and a fourth finished, DEATH FOR LIFE. Growing increasingly heavier with each album there is an ever evolving sound with our band. Our new album was produced by The Factory-Fred Archambault and Bruce Macfarlane (Deftones, Avenged Sevenfold) Check it out: "If looks could kill, I'd watch you die."(1999, INDECISION RECORDS) "Day of the death"(2000, EPITAPH RECORDS) "Into the valley of death"(2003, EPITAPH RECORDS) "DEATH FOR LIFE" (JUNE 7 2005, EPITAPH RECORDS) SEE YOU ALL ON THE ROAD!
Hardcore, Melodic, Metal, Thrash Metal,

Death From Afar

Houston, TX 77012
Texas Rock. Death From Afar is a 3 piece punk rock band from Houston, Texas. Band members Jose, Victor, and Noel have been writing and recording music as a band since 2003 and have played live since 2006. Past shows include Punk Rock Fury 1 & 2, Rock the Bayou 2008, The Hell On Earth Halloween Music Fest, and the annual Samhian Fests. The band is currently recording a 22 song album of all original music to be released in 2009.
hard, punk, rock

Death In Memory

Pasadena, TX 77502
Metal owns if your into Bands like: Lamb of god, As I Lay Dying, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, and more shit like that...
Pure, Metal, Thrash,


Houston, TX
covers & originals
Classic, Alternative


Houston, TX 77056
classical music has a lovechild with heavy metal.

Decimation Theory

Houston, TX 77034
a thrasy blend of american metal, and swedish melodic metal in the vein(s) of: In Flames Darkane Soilwork Lamb of God Opeth Metallica Unearth Killswitch Engage Devin Townsend Strapping Young Lad Disarmonia Mundi Fear Factory Arsis Job For A Cowboy Black Dhalia Murder Bleeding Through As I Lay Dying Slayer Hypocrisy Arch Enemy
metal, heavy, thrash,

Dedman Sinclair

Houston, TX 77571
Uprising post-hardcore/alt-rock band. Strong line up of dedicated musicians looking at a bright future.
post-hardcore, alternative, metal, rock, heavy,

Deep 6

Houston, TX 77027
deftones, opeth, tool, pantera
melodic, alternative, metal,

deep ella

Houston, TX
Alternative Rock /Pop
alternative, rock, pop

Deep Fried Country

Houston, TX 77038
Headbangin', Hell Raisin', Hillbilly Music. Classic Country played with attitude and Solid Rockin' Originals. Kinda like Conway Cash and Loretta Wynette. Also a lot of Montgomery Gentry thrown in.
Country, Classic Country, Country Rock, Americana.

Dena Blue And The BlueJazz Band

Katy, TX 77449
Let us bring jazz standards and jazz favorites with excitement and enjoyment to you and your guests. We are Houston's No.1 choice in jazz entertainment. You may reach us at 281-693-7596 office - 281-945-4909 office. You may view any of our sites in advance if you like to sample our music, video's, photo's and bio. Our sites are: Website: www.bareblue.net "Featured Artist" with over 4700 views. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjQWb85sch8 Dena Blue and The BlueJazz Band http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XY35aNGyfpo Dena Blue YouTube http://www.myspace.com/wwwmellowdmusicnet with over 6721 views and 1166 friends. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dena-Blue/109056152773?ref=ts with 1154 friends..also Dena Blue fan page with 308 fans. I look forward to meeting you and to the possibilities of working with you. Regards, Dena Blue
jazz, originals, country, gospel,

Dennis Price

Houston, TX 77505
Texas outlaw country with a twisted southern rock/ traditional country feel.
Texas Country, Kickass, Texas, outlaw, country, Footstomping, southern rock, Traditional,

Deqoure Sayles

Houston, TX 77082
A feeling of warm sensastions and groove. This is a sound full of ambition.
Jazz, Gospel, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Funk, Cajun, Latin, Reggae, Rap, Contemporary

Descent Into Madness

Houston, TX 77057

metal, rock, progressive

Desmond and D3

spring, TX 77380
Gritty Original Funk, Bluesy Covers, Feel Good Music
Funk, Blues, Jazz, Originals, Covers, Reggae, Ska, trio


Houston, TX 77025
We are a band looking for people interested in playing rock.
Post Grunge, Heavy Metal

Deus Machina

Houston, TX 77002
Driven by massive sounding arrangements and fierce vocals, Deus Machina delivers a powerful yet vulnerable sound that demands attention and engages the audience's emotions. Deus Machina is best described by one word......intense.
industrial, progressive, rock

Devil Killing Moth

Houston, TX 77009
Two piece acoustic singer-songwriter.
alternative, originals, acoustic


Houston, TX 77091
Metal Rock band from NW Houston, Plays covers and originals. Formed in 1990 and still Jamming!
metal, rock, covers, originals

Dewey Wayne

Houston, TX 77025
Singer/songwriter in the genre of Americana/Alt. Country
country, southern rock, bluegrass, covers, originals

Dial M for Murder

New Ulm, TX 78950
Influences are The Bled, Circa Survive, Thursday, The Mars Volta, Thrice, Emery, Underoath.
alternative, hardcore, rock


League City, TX 77573
Our music has a heavy Funk influence with a twist of Jazz and Hip-Hop. The aggressive bass lines are the soul of our band. Just all around fun to listen to.
Funk, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock, Groove


Houston, TX 77070
Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, the girl known by age two as Dilana Smith discovered a love for music at an early age, participating in school and church choirs as an escape from an unpleasant home life. Inspired by such visceral singers as Janis Joplin and Tina Turner, she left school at sixteen to follow her own dreams and soon found herself with a promising music career in Holland, becoming one of the country's most coveted live acts. Her 2000 album Wonderfool scored five singles, four videos and a string of touring and festival gigs throughout the region. By way of Houston, she made it to L.A. and wound up auditioning for "Rock Star Supernova." As one publication noted, "The minute she stepped on the Mayan Theatre stage in Los Angeles in Episode One and performed Nirvana's 'Lithium,' she instantly became the show's frontrunner." Her powerful vocals and undeniable stage presence consistently garnered votes from viewers and the "Supernova" judges. Although most fans expected her to win, Dilana came in second to Canadian vocalist Lukas Rossi during the competition's finale. Unfazed, America's newest rock vixen mounted an initial solo tour this past December and more recently opened for Rockstar Supernova, earning consistently stellar reviews.
Rock, oldies, 80's, impersonations.

Dillon Trimm

Houston, TX 77043
Reggae, Accoustic, Soul, Classic rock.
Reggae, Surf, Soul, Blues,


Houston, TX 77505
deathmetal, txdm, and grind
death metal, metal

Dimitri's Rail

Houston, TX
4 piece band , orignial music, emotional intence music

Din Chaos

Houston, TX 77080
Our members are all very diverse in music tastes. our combined music tastes ranges from stuff like queen all the way to bands like death, mayhem, metallica, pantera, Dream Theater and Symphony X. We are Moving in all directions musically, trying to show you mother fuckers all we got. We got thrash, we got prog, we got black, we got bluesy shit, we got that strumming shite, as stated, our members are diverse, and this sohuld lead to an interesting end result...and to all you fuckers who say you gotta have one consistent sound...FUCK YOU
Metal, live, heavy, real, show, real metal,

Dine Alone

Houston, TX 77081
Melodic, emotional hard rock. A mixture between Staind, Tool, and OneSideZero. Deep Lyrics.

Dine Upon The Flesh

Houston, TX 77502
A Houston/Pasadena band that describes what Deathcore is all about same as for blast beats and breakdowns..Whooh! Shut It Down.
Deathmetal, Hardcore, Breakbeat


Houston, TX 77043
dionisis is a four part classic rock and blues band.. we usually bring a large audience.. and all of our material is apropriate for any age group
classic, rock, blues

Dirt & Diesel

Houston, TX 77375
Old School Country dipped in Southern Rock and FRIED!
Country,Texas Country, Honky Tonk, Southern Rock

Dirtt Durk

Houston, TX 77044
Hip Hop;Rap;Rock;Country Country Rock
Hip Hop, Rock

Dirty Leg

Houston, TX 77006
Original experimental rock.
Alternative, rock, experimental, other, indie, punk, country

Diseased Pigeons

katy, TX 77450
3-man alternative rock band. We do some covers, but mostly original music. We're 16 years old, and only doing it for the fun of it.
alternative, rock, originals, covers

Distinguished Soundz

Harker Heights, TX 76548

Dividing Crisis

Houston, TX
A combination of metal, hardcore, and melody.
hardcore, metal, christian, heavy

Dixie Trahan

Houston, TX 77040
"There's a little something sweet in this girls voice and its all pure ear candy! Every now and then someone walks into your life that is a cut above the ordinary, someone with a little something special. Dixie Trahan was one such someone. Dixie hit all the right notes emotionally. That's not all. I have to admit there are lots of other gems on this record. "Too Far Gone" & "Show Me How" are standouts as is "I Would've Missed You" There is a lot here to enjoy. Great job, Dixie! I hope a lot of people find you and this little gem!¦.Bob Morrison - 4-time ASCAP Songwriter Of The Year NSAI songwriter Of The Year Grammy-Award winner "You Decorated My Life" Co-writer: "Lookin' for Love"

DJ Freeze Texas

League City, TX 77573
Very poetic hip-hop with strong southern influences. My music portrays everything that goes on in my life
hip hop, alternative, rap,

Doc Shannon

Houston, TX 77328
play keys,guitar,bass,slide,some harp,mandolin,5st. banjo, vocals [but prefer harmony..].
alternative, bluegrass, blues, cajun, christian, country, covers, classic,dance, electronic, funk, gospel, groove, hard, hip hop, industrial, jamband, jazz,originals, punk, pop, progressive, r&b,reggae, rock, rockabilly,surf, swing, techno,zydeco

Dogz on Parole

Houston, TX 77009
70s style Old school punk rock
punk, rock, classic

Domo Cashanova

Houston, TX 77090
My music is a reflection of how I feel. It is about every day highs and lows.
Hip hop, groove, rap

Donte J

Houston, TX 77096
if i were to sum up my musical experience it would be Spaz-Gate! definition- the sickest, illest, most beautiful, most mind splitting sounds never to be heard by man leaked out by a select individual/chosen one chosen to give an lifetime musical experience that leaves them with only the choice of spazing out for the rest of eternity
hip hop, r&b, pop, alternative, rap

Doppel Gangur

Houston, TX 77511
Three soldiers and two civilians have gotten together to change the Houston music scene for the better!!!
alternative, heavy, metal, rock

Downfall 2012

Houston, TX

rap, metal

Downtown & Whiskey

Houston, TX 77477
A duo of soulful, powerful acoustic, straight from the heart.
Acoustic, originals, covers.

Dr Jeff and The Painkillers

Houston, TX
Beatles, Blues & Oldies plus some originals.
Blues, covers, originals


Houston, TX 77051
Like no other. Street-hop rap, commin strait outta SE Houston, Tx. Dirty Gunz, 3CD, Reddy2Kill Records, R2K, Cuban Lyrical Aparatus, Tha Dirty Gun Slinga, Latin Hip Hop at its finest!
Rap, Hip Hop, Hardcore, latin,

dreaming of june

Wallis/Houston, TX 77485
We are four guys, drums, guitars, bass and a stage! We are likened to everyone from deftones, silverstein, atreyu, and sparta.
rock, ambient, screamo,


Houston, TX 77007
Indie Rock/Pop


Houston, TX 77095
Driftwood plays Seasoned Country Music. Classic and current country music that is intended to keep a dance floor full.
Country, Covers

Drive by June

Houston, TX 77041
A four piece band out of Houston, Texas. Formed in late june of last year, the band has undergone many changes. After Austin and Cord left to re-create One Shot, Greg and Jem found members Chris and Mike while in Galveston on Spring Break. They came together after what seemed as a collection of unsuccesful misadventures and countless setbacks. It was almost as if it was a twist of fate. Just as the band seemed like it was at it's end, it was just the begining....
punk, rock,


Houston, TX 77535
Driven is a Houston, Texas-based rock band, fronted by former "America's Got Talent" contestant and singer songwriter Cody Joe Tillman. Backed by the second generation of bluesrock royalty, sons of the legendary Mean Gene Kelton, the Kelton Brothers - Sid on drums and Jamie on bass. Rounding out the sound is Raymond Stewart, a lifelong player and son of Texas Country artist Bob Stewart.
Rock, alternative, blues, southern rock, Original, and some covers

Driver Friendly

The Woodlands, TX 77381
We are a high school ska band from the Woodlands.

Drop Trio

Houston, TX 77380
Funk/jazz instrumental along the lines of Medeski Martin & Wood but without a doubt uniquely our own. Experimental at times, but also melodic and groovin'...
funk, jazz, progressive, rock, alternative


Houston, TX 77571
Drowt is an industrial/nu-metal band based in the La Porte area. It was formed with ex-members of bands Dedman Sinclair and Angels&Outlaws. With talented DJ Gonz backing aggressive guitar riffs and vocals, and machine-like drumming, Drowt is sure to grab the attention of any crowd.
Nu-metal, Industrial, Alternative, Metal, Electronic


The Woodlands, TX 77381
Dark/Doom metal with clean folky bits mixed in.
metal, alternative,


Houston, TX
"drywater" is a Houston area 5-piece country and rock band.
bluegrass, blues, country, covers, classic, originals, rock, rockabilly, swing, traditional


Houston, TX
raggae-hip hop, dancehall-jungle & dub
reggae, hip hop, dub


Houston, TX
garage pop. For fans of: Weezer, Dino Jr. Built To Spill, or Modest Mouse
pop, rock, garage


Katy, TX 77494
Rockin Texas Country/ Americana In your face fun.
country, originals, covers, rock

Dying For Emily

Houston, TX 77077
We are a emo/screamo band from houston, Texas
emo, hardcore,

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