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F.E.V. aka Fredd. E. Viser

Houston, TX 77002
HipHopRap Rock Latino (Tejano-TexMex-Chicano, Cumbias, Salasa, Reggeaton)
Hip Hop, HipHop, Hip-Hip, Rap, Reggeaton, Tejano, TexMex, Chicano, Latino, Latin


Humble, TX 77396
Music influenced by u2,counting crows,better than ezra. Acoustic-Medium heavy rock.....NO SCREMO/PUNK HERE
Christian, Rock, Alternative


Houston, TX
rock, metal, rap
rock, metal, rap

Facing The Obsession

Houston, TX 77388
New to the hardcore/death metal scene, in the pits is where we stand ready to Bless this Nightmare
hardcore, death metal


League City, TX 77598
Original hard rock music. Heavily influenced by early 90s era, blues, and classic rock.
alternative, alternative rock, hard, hard rock, heavy, heavy rock, originals, rock originals,

Fail Mary

Wharton, TX 77488
Two-man indie rock band from south Texas. New EP "Showcase Your Sorrow" out now!
indie, alternative, punk, post-punk, rock, originals

FAIRFAX (Austin, TX)

Austin, TX 78701
Fairfax comes from Austin, TX delivering melody-driven rock that ignores the rules and boundaries of a particular "genre". Their new LP, Light These Dreams, is a production masterpiece that captures the emotion, energy, and straight-up rock that is so prevalent in their live shows.
rock, indie, pop

Fal Skye

Houston, TX 77066
Covering the best of Funk, Rock, Reggae and Hip Hop music!
funk, rock, reggae, hip hop,


Houston, TX 77095
Fallbrook, a Texas rock sound, has graced many Houston venues with their powerful music. Music with a message, better heard than described!
rock, alternative, southern,

False Providence

Houston, TX 77009
Metal/Metalcore/Deathcore We strive to put on intense live performances, and our music is everchanging and we always bring something new in our performances.
Metalcore, Deathcore, Metal, Progressive, Hardcore, Groove,

Far Away now

Houston, TX 77040
Far Away Now blends rocking guitar riffs with catchy vocals melodies that you can't help but get stuck in your head. The name is to inspire hope that things that are out of reach can be attained over time with work and dedication. Far Away Now was formed in 2005 by guitarist Kevin Bazazzadeh and former singer Bryant Fortner as an acoustic project back in their home town of Paris Texas. In 2006 while in college they recruited guitarist and singer Brian Davis to add a dynamic that was missing. Davis brought a ton of creative ideas and immediately added a level of complexity to the music. The band went on as a 3 piece until 2007 when the band decided to put together a full lineup and added drummer Brent Topa and bassist Will Sullivan. Topa, who like the other guys had been brought up learning music, seamlessly fit right in and gave the band its rhythm. The band started making a name for itself in College Station, but unfortunately like all great things the band in this form was short lived. With college, graduation and jobs getting in the way the guys for the most part went their separate ways in 2008. Still keeping in touch and occasionally playing music together Brian, Brent and Kevin eventually all found their way down to Houston and in 2010 reformed the band. With a couple of years of built up creative energy, the guys have had no trouble putting together some amazing songs for a brand new album (which hopefully will be finished this summer).
alternative, rock, originals, covers

Fat Old Elvis

Spring, TX 77389
The King is dead, But RnR is back!


Houston, TX 77006
Classic Rock/Southern Rock Cover Band, with some original songs.
classic, rock

Father Black

Houston, TX 77045-5
I make alternative hip hop which is a cross between rock and rap. I also dabble in a bit of the mainstream with my own twist simply to appeal to all audiences. I have a few R&B songs for the ladies as well. Basically anything that needs to be done I can do it.

Faux Doubt

Houston, TX 77008
Houston's No Doubt Tribute Band. Playing ND and related genre music.
ska, punk, rock, reggae, tribute,

Fear of Heights

Sugar Land, TX 77479
A high school band in Sugar Land with no sponsors or label or any eps
Punk, Grudge,

Feel Good Muzik IMT Pub. & Ent.

Cypress, TX 77433
We offer both R&B and Hip Hop styles. We combine these styles in compilation songs as well to create our own unique southern style.
hip hop, r&b, rap, techno, dance, dj ,electronic

Feo Y Loco

Houston, TX 77098
Frank Zappa Meets Rocky Horror!
comedy, rock

Fidelity Maxx

Houston, TX 77547
The Only Choice For Funky Dance Music!
Funk, Dance, Rhythm and Blues,Variety, Classic Rock, Pop

Fifteen Twentynine

Houston, TX 77006
Fifteen Twentynine is an acoustic rock show comprised of Brian Moore on vocals and guitar and Shawne Halm playing hand drums and other percussion instruments. Brian currently plays bass for a band called Playing with Stars and was previously a member of Osmant, Underwood and IOLINE. Shawne, from Portland, Oregon, was previously a member of Clubhouse and The Road Less Traveled. Together they combine their sound to create eclectic, creative and hypnotic music. The show is an all original set capturing glimpses of life as they have known it. Stories unravel and unfold and will continue to do so as time travels on.
acoustic, rock,

Fight With Flash

Houston, TX 77346
We enjoy performing for new listeners everyday and to make that experience unique as possible.
Indie/Folk Rock

Fighting Gemini

Houston, TX 77375

Modern, rock, alternative, mainstream, southern rock,

Fighting Off Sleep

Pasadena, TX 77502
catchy to the point you dont know what you are listening to.
Indie, Punk


Houston, TX 77015
band who is blending different influences n genres of metal to form some of the heavyiest music u can bang ur head to.
metal, metal, metal,

Finding Reason

Friendswood, TX 77546
Modern rock, alternative rock, classic metal, a smidgen of blues and progressive.
Modern rock, alternative rock, classic metal, progressive

Fire Escape Symphony

Houston, TX
acoustic jams with some screaming and instrumental stuff.
Couch-core, acoustic rock

FirstBorn Tragedy

Houston,Clear Lake, TX 77379
Firstborn Tragedy hails from Houston, TX. We play an assortment of musical styles, from folks songs like "Farwell", to the down right southern sludge of "The Devils in New Orleans", and back to 80's glam riffs without all that glammy crap getting into the way! We cover it all. We are currently working on our First Demo CD, and continue to practice and gig as much as possible.
Metal, Rock, Progressive

Five Doza

Houston, TX 77009
South Nox Entertainment presents Houston's next big-time Latin Writer, Rapper, Engineer, and Producer. Art, aka Five Doza is finally starting to get recognition through out the South. His beats, song writing, and composing are hitting the streets hard and getting the name "Five Doza" out. www.southnox.com The album: Five Doza The WREPresentative, is Comming Soon! Underground Street Tape: Unsigned Hype Part 1, now available.
Rap, Hip-Hop

Five Eyes Wide

Kingwood, TX 77339
Ass kicking melodic hard rock.
rock, hard, melodic,


Lake Charles, La 70605
Hard driving rock cover band touring since '05 with best of the 60s - 90s
rock, pop, punk

Flash Mob

Houston, TX 77003
A FLASH MOB is when someone comes up with an idea that involves getting a group of people to do an unexpected and random act in a public place. It is usually quick and serves no real purpose but to bewilder onlookers and for the participants own amusement.
Jamband, Ambient, Funk, Reggae


Houston, TX 77082


Cypress, Texas 77433
Jazz/Rock Instrumentalist fusing smooth jazz and classic rock styles.
jazz, blues, classic rock, Christian


Houston, TX 77092
Regarded by many as one of the best live acts in Houston, Flowerpot has amassed a huge following in the local Houston music scene as well as many college markets. With influences from King's X, Posies, The Association, and The Replacements, Flowerpot's catchy melodies and insightful lyrics have been compared to Toad the Wet Sprocket and Better Than Ezra, and their crunchy guitars reflect Alice In Chains and STP. Flowerpot is currently working on their third CD and some of these new tracks are available at www.mp3.com/Flowerpot.
rock, metal

Flowers & Machines

Houston, TX
industrial, rock, pop
industrial, rock, pop

Fludgy Sunk

Houston, TX 77520
Fludgy Sunk is a fusion of punk, hard rock and funk clashed together in a progressive style.
rock, funk, metal, progressive, punk, alternative

Fluff the Kat

Houston, TX 77006
All girl rock/pop band. Mostly cover tunes a few originals.
Pop, Rock,


San Antonio, TX 78218
Boss B. A.K.A. fly Bwoy Boss. His name speaks for itself. An outrageous, spontaneous, chasmatic, style and persona. This southern charmer is in a class by himself. Partially raised in Ny an Tx.; top with a uniquely cultured background, this makes him the epitomy of diversity, with promo tracks such as: Un Poquito, Hot Gyal, This Ain't What you Want. Places his artistry far above common or ordinary rappers dead or alive. With his over the top, flamboyant, hardcore, seductive, swagger. Boss B. is a true chameleon, that keeps us wanting more! Stay tuned---the future of hip hop has arrived!!!!
Southern Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggae

Fondue Monks

Houston, TX 77007
The Fondue Monks play "Texas Funk" with a groove that remains true to their Texas roots. Driven by a dedication that borders on obsession, the Fondue Monks are totally committed to the crowd and married to the beat. Their live performance is a combination of raw energy, emotion and a vibe that is captivating and infectious.
funk, rock, originals, groove,

Forgive Us All

Katy, TX 77449
Metalcore/Post-Hardcore band in Katy, Tx just looking to hit the ground running. In need of a bassist and rehearsal space!
metal, metalcore, post-hardcore, djent, death metal, hardcore

Four Men Walking

Houston, TX 77532
The music of Four Men Walking is a mainstream alternative rock based on powerful lyrics.
Alternative, Rock

Four O'clock

Houston, TX 77469
Original Rock songs and sometimes some funny songs too.
rock, alternative, punk, emo, funny,


Houston, TX 77449
Original metal/Alternative Rock thats makes ya wanna kick ass
Metal, Alternative, Rock,


Huntsville, TX 77340
Chevelle, Deftones, GROOVE METAL


Katy, TX 77449
Texas country with a shot of whiskey!
Country, covers, singer-songwriter

Frank Hart

Houston, TX 77037
Frank Hart is a singer/songwriter from Houston, but his music sounds like he could be from anywhere east of the sunrise or west of the sunset. Frank’s main instrument is guitar and the record is driven from beginning to end by his hauntingly beautiful acoustic guitar and soulful, raspy vocals. The bulk of the album’s instrumentation, however, is eclectic, ranging from the exotic sounds of sitar, doumbek, and udu to the more folksy sounds of hammered dulcimer, mandolin, and piano, as well as fretless bass, drumset, violin, viola, and cello. There is an otherworldly feel to this record somewhere between prayer and dreaming.
alternative, christian, country, folk, new age, originals, progressive, rock, world

Frank Matta

Houston, TX 77478
jazz, funk, rock,

Free Radicals

Houston, TX
jazz, rock
jazz, rock

Fried Armadillos

Houston, TX
Based in Rhythm & Blues, the focus is to bring the best quality performance possible to an audience.
Blues, covers,


Hockley, TX 77447


Houston, TX

Front Row Mafia

Houston, TX 77082
Rap music. Lil Kevo and Eno. Sounds like Lil Wayne. Glass House Music Group.


Hardin, TX 77575
We're a very emotional 5- piece hard rock/emo/punk band from a little hick town in Liberty County.
Emo, Hard, Rock, Punk,


Houston, TX 77002
...sometimes downtempo, sometimes trip-hop, sometimes jazz, sometimes soul, sometimes something different...
dj, electronic, groove, trip hop, downtempo, jazz, soul

Full Throttle Band

Texas City, TX 77590
Classic Rock and Blues Outfit - biker friendly!!
Classic Rock, Blues

Funky Mustard

Houston, TX 77063
Blues Traveler meets ZZ Top , South Texas Rock , with an alternative twist .
adult alternative, blues, original, rock, reggae


Houston, TX 77094
R&B,Classic Rock, Jazz
R&B, Jazz, Classic Rock


Houston, TX
Variety and Dance Band, Parties and club venues

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