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I Am The Assault

Tomball, TX 77375
6 piece Hardcore/Electronica band that uses techno/house influenced synths and duel vocalists to aspire a sound of their own.
hardcore, electroic, emo, heavy, metal, techno, rock, hard, originals, punk

I'll be the Hyena

Houston, TX 77039
we're a three piece with three different musical backgrounds ranging from metal to funk, but we where able to find common ground in our love for fresh new indie/alternative rock. just add a pinch of pumpkins a dab of the cure and sprinkle a little primus in there and you got I'll be the Hyena.
alternative, emo, originals, funk, punk, progressive, rock, indie, hard, new age


Houston, TX 77379
Ska/Punk, we have a sound similar to antiflag, choking victim, sublime, etc... we love all types of music


Sugarland, TX 77479
Hard Rock,Rock,A tad bid of reggae,metal,progressive metal,some acoustic
Progressive, Rock, Altervative,

Ice 9

Houston, TX
3 piece alternative rock band
alternative, rock

Identity Crisis

Houston, TX 77082
IDC plays a wide varity of Classic Rock and current favorites. Come check us out, you'll be glad you did!
covers, classic, rock, dance

Identity Crisis (Galveston, TX)

Galveston, TX 77551
Punk Rock: Fast-Paced, Powerful, Melodic, Catchy, Creative, Energetic, and I said fast already. Kinda like blink on speed. Also very catchy. Sorry, I repeat alot.
punk, rock, melodic


Houston, TX
IDIGINIS is the musical inner-thought brought to life in order to show the ONENESS that has existed in man since the begining of time. As a band of Souljahs from different parts of the world, you are able to witness the culmination of different cultures & ideas... With Aauzraam's powerful lead vocals & thought provoking lyrics, Dizzy Boots' heart pounding bass, Mikey Dub's sweet leads on guitar, I-Jahman bubblin' keys & vocals, Lee's Slammin' Riddim Guitar and Vocals - once a touring member of THE WAILERS, and Boba keepin' it all on time behind the drums... ...THE JOURNEY HAS BEGUN... WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF IDIGINIS
roots, rock, reggae,

Ike Peters

Katy, TX 77450
Music, for me, is an expression of your creativity. I would call my music creative, but not the most unique sound ever. I have my roots and they come out, I think. Anyway, I play folk rock/indie kind of stuff. Hope you can enjoy it!
Folk Rock, Indie, Rock

Illusions of Anathema

Houston, TX 77084
Illusions of Anathema is a progressive metal band based out of Houston, Texas.
progressive, metal, djent

Illustrate The End

Houston, TX 77003
Illustrate The End is the brain-child of Vincent Fink, a professional graphic artist of Houston for many years. It incorporates sounds spanning from classic, modern and progressive rock as well as elements of thrash, death, and nu-metal.
alternative,covers,heavy,metal,new age,originals,progressive,rock

iMaNeLf - R.I.P.

Houston, TX 77040
We have been together for a year as of right now ( summer of 2002) We have just finished recording our first CD, which will rock ur socks off, We play at venus such as java jazz and more. We are a punk band that has weezer/new found glory/ greenday/blink/the get up kids/ some harder stuff ...and basicly just an original style. Were getting on up there....We hope to be big someday, weve already played for some pretty big band, such as the riddlin kids and weve played with many local bands, check us out yo!!
punk, rock

In Denmark

Houston, TX 77007
We are a hard-edge garage band featuring wailing guitar notes and a pumpin' bass. We are the pinnacle of a hot, young band.
garage, rock, alternative,

In Her Eyes

Houston, TX 77018
we are going for a metalcore sound there are 6 of us there are screaming moments as well as a few clean vocals we have a couple of covers and several songs all our own
hardcore, metal, emo

In The Blue

Bay City, TX 77414
In The Blue is a Christian-based hard hitting band that is greatly influenced by bands all the way from Story of the Year to Van Halen.
alternative, rock, screamo, post-hardcore

In the Native Tongue of a Horse

Houston, TX 77009
we are technical death metal Henry: Guitar* Juan:Guitar* Johnny:Bass* Carma:Vocals* Swonke:Percussion*
death metal tech death technical death metal


Houston, TX 77040
An alternative hard rock band from Houston,Texas.Sometimes heavy sometimes Texas,always a good groove.
alternative,hardrock originals

Infinite Gravity

Houston, TX 77030
Covers, R&B, Soul, Funk, Classics, Neosoul
Covers, R&B, Soul, Funk, Classics, Neosoul

Infinite Groove

Houston, TX 77040
Cover band playing all the hits through the decades. From the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and today, Infinite Groove does it all.
covers, dance, groove, pop, r&b,

Infinity's Twin

Houston, TX
Radio-friendly 4-piece Alt.-Rock Band w/Electric Violin.
alternative, rock, violin

Inner Image

Houston, TX 77002
An ass kicking band from Houston Texas
Rock, Hard Rock,Metal, Alternative,


Sugarland, TX 77478
heavy, groove-oriented melodic metal. sounds like a cross between system of a down and stone sour, with a hint of metallica.
metal, rock, heavy


Houston, TX 77034
InsertNameHere has remained Houston best kept Pop-Punk secret for a long time, but those days are over. Amid a sea of metal, hip hop, and “H-pop” in Houston, INH emerges with a sound that makes the new sound familiar and the familiar sound new. InsertNameHere has a high energy sound rooted with the punk attitude of Green Day and the heart on your sleeve lyrics of Dashboard Confessional. After much hard work, the band realeased their full length album, Tuesdays and Thursdays Off, in March of 2010 and burst back into clubs and the hearts of fans new and old alike; not only in Texas, but across the U.S. The quartet has a synergy that shows on stage, and as of late INH has hit its stride with a mix of various musical backgrounds spawning a blend of ideas, styles, and sounds. With an arsenal complete with deep yet fun lyrics, driving chord progressions, soulful bass riffs, singing guitar solos, and powerful drum beats, INH cuts through the rest and guarantees to get your feet moving. On March 13, 2010, realeased their freshman effort Tuesdays and Thursdays Off. The album boasts eleven tracks with a mix of revamped anthems like Mind Masturbation as well as new ballads (Piece of Mind) and never before recorded fan favorites (Phone Fights).
pop, punk, rock


Houston, TX 77084
Instigator is a Classic Rock band that also covers "The Blues" with a a little of everything else. The band is a group of seasoned professionals who have been playing the local Houston music circuit for 25+ years, as a group, they can handle anything from a small private party to large stage festivals
Classic Rock, Blues, Country

Into Creation

Houston, TX 77340
We are an Experimental Rock Group called Into Creation. We have blends of Hard Rock, Blues Rock, alternative rock, and even touches of metal. W play both originals and covers (Kings of Leon, Imagine Dragons, John Mayer, Guns and Roses). Some covers are kept in their original style while others (i.e. Monster by Imagine Dragons) are changed to our own style.
A lternative, hard, rock, metal, blues, experimental


Houston, TX 77009
Heavy, Intensive and meaningful

Iron Horse - Texas

Houston, TX 77023
80's Metal, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy, Kiss, Dio, and others. Experienced Professional
Metal, Hard Rock, rock, Covers,

Iron Skillet

Houston, TX 77096
Iron Skillet is described by some as a rock and roll band from the southern tip of the northern part of the south. Others claim they are a country band from the northern tip of the southern part of the north.
rock, country, folk, pop, hard, originals, jamband

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