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La Bodame

Houston, TX


La Catrin

Houston, TX 77002
robotic rococo scary movie dance pop
Pop, Rock

La Sed

Houston, TX 77077
Orignal female fronted rock band from Puerto Rico relocating to Houston, TX. Music has been described as "Evanescence neets Dave Matthews Band"...modern rock with lots of groove and thoughtful lyrics.
rock, alternative, groove, pop

La Sien

Houston, TX 77057
A Spanish pop rock band formed in ’09 in Houston, Texas. Their focus has been to create intense yet accessible music that excites their listeners on and off the stage. This ever-evolving band has found the perfect mix of sounds from their diverse influences rooted from the classic latin-american acts they grew up listening to and the admiration of the best exponents of jazz, blues, hard rock, and funk. They play with passion, always entertaining their growing audience.
Spanish rock, Rock, Latin, Spanish, Latin rock, Latin Funk, Spanish funk, Spanish aternative, Latin alternative

Ladies & Gents

Nederland, TX 77627
A fusion of jazz rhythms and pop vocals. We like to call it JazzyPop
Jazz, Rock, Pop, Indie

Lady "D" and the Zydeco Tornadoes

Houston, TX 77047
“The Tina Turner of Zydeco" A strong passion for playing Zydeco, the Blues and R&B.
zydeco, cajun, r&b, blues

Lady and the Tramps

Houston, TX 77034
Cover band Classic rock , contemporary pop, country. Exellent female vocalist..crack band,,everyone sings
rock, classic rock , pop

lamb to the slaughter

pasadena, TX 77502
we are a heavy meta band from pasadena tx we looking for show's to play
heavy metal,

Lance Aldrich Band

Houston, TX 77386
original texas country cover country new and old some classic rock
originals, country,


Houston, TX 77258
Landfall is an original power-pop band specializing in uptempo beats and catchy hooks.
alternative, pop, rock, power pop

Lane Coker and Big Delta

Houston, TX 77069
With the superb coupling of traditional Blues with Blues Rock, Lane Coker & Big Delta’s unparalleled blues style and unshakable enthusiasm promises to move the soul, as well as the feet. In a time when “Live Music” means little more than garage bands and half-hearted musicians, Lane Coker & Big Delta rock the stage with their dynamic blues style, light-hearted humor and explosive chemistry. Each member of Big Delta has refined their musical expertise through collegiate education, private study and many years of experience, but, Big Delta’s magic and mystique is found in the fusion of “mega talented” musicians and erupts with undeniable energy when they take the stage. Big Delta was formed in early 2005 by singer/songwriter/guitarist, Lane Coker, and the band has achieved great success in capturing an ever increasing following through playing city sponsored events, charitable benefits and state wide live music venues.
blues, rock, country. soul, austin, houston, texas, california


Houston, TX 77381
We're a Alternative Rock/Synthpop outfit from Northern Houston, influenced by Smashing Pumpkins.
Alternative, Rock, Originals, Dance, Electronic, Industrial, Pop, Techno

Larry B Stanton - One Man Band

San Leon, TX 77539
Country, Lite Rock, Pop Easy listening, Guitar, Bass, Drums and vocal. Sound of a 3 piece band.
country, pop, classic, originals

Larry B Wood

Cypress, TX 77429
An acoustic feel that sets you at ease and brings daydreaming to a whole new level
Acoustic, Indie

Last Creation

Houston, TX 77099
Latin groove rock band with a christian mssg. Hard to describe until you see us live!
Christian, Latin, Groove, Rock,

Last Ride In

baytown, TX 77521
last ride in is a rock influenced punkband. We sound like Nofx and the Ataris

Last Soul Clan

Houston, TX 77083
Introducing the digital enhanced music and laser light show of the Last Soul Clan. We are a new band in the Houston area, committed to excellence and to the needs of our clients. Our band consists of seasoned entertainers with over 20 years of playing and teaching music all over the world. Put your entertainment needs in our hands and let us help provide an exciting experience. We provide music for all occasions with an eclectic style. Any special requests? No problem. Just let us know. Let us make your next event successful and fun!
soul, jazz, wedding, club, covers,

Late For Work

Rosenberg, TX 77471
We play numerous favorite covers from a wide variety of Artists and Genres as well as original music.
covers, originals, country, alternative, blues, rock, pop

Laughing Freemen

Houston, TX 77043
Rock-n-roll that consists of driving blues grooves with jazzy sometimes funky overtones.
jamband, rock-n-roll, blues

Laura and Risky Business

Houston, TX 77504
80's and a little more.
covers, classic, pop, 80's

Laurie Foxx

Houston, TX 77063
Quirky, eclectic, acoustic pop. "Sara M, Joni M, with a little Bette M" flavor. Or "Ben Folds Five meets Rufus Wainright with a acoustic guitar thrown in for good measure.
Solo, acoustic, Pop, folk, piano, originals,


Spring, TX 77379
Lavens Fate combines powerful rhythms, killer riffs, and melodic overtures with soundscapes ranging from industrial to orchestral. Haunting vocals loaded with memorable hooks leave you hypnotized and craving more.
industrial, progressive, heavy, metal, rock, originals,

Lawst Dogz

Texas City, TX
Classic Rock with a little Country & Blues thrown in.
Eclectic mix of Classic Rock,

Lazarus X

Houston, TX
Lazarus X has been a staple of the Southern Texas music scene for 2 years now with his band Pseudo Quack Axiom. His solo album Weapon of Love has been highly anticipated by fans. Some fans received a preview of the album at a rooftop listening party a day before it is released and the response was amazing. Check out the album of the year. Lazarus X's Weapon of Love
alternative progressive hard rock metal

Le Pacte

Houston, TX
we play alternative rock, not too heavy, different styles, we like to change our rythms alot.
alternative, funk, spanish rock


Houston, TX
rock, indie, progressive,
indie, progressive, rock


Houston, TX 77069
industrial, horror, metal

Led Heart

Houston, TX 77032
A Led Zeppelin & Heart Tribute Band.
covers, classic, hard, metal, progressive, rock

Lee Alexander

Houston, TX 77095
ecclectic, acoustic, singer-songwriter. Think Jack Johnson or Elvis Costello crossed with the Jayhawks.
alternative, folk, originals, rock,

Leesa Harrington-Squyres

Houston, TX
rock, blues,
blues, rock,

Left Bank Society Orchestra

cedar hill, TX 75106
A unique studio orchestra performing Contemporary American Classics from "Miller to Motown" Featuring Yarbrough & Peoples with a cast of vocal talents and world reknowned musicians.


Houston, TX
Grinding indie guitar rock
alternative, heavy, rock, indie, powerpop

Leo's Fire

Humble, TX 77396
influenced by delta blues, alternative, southern rock. Both originals and covers
alternative, blues, rock

Less than Serious

Houston, TX 77058
we play a variety of alternative, heavy, and newer progressive rock
alternative, rock, progressive, hard, hardcore, heavy, metal

Let It Ride

Rosenberg, TX 77471
Country & western music mixed with polkas & waltzes with accordian, classic rock like ZZ Top and songs like "Play that Funky Music."
Country, classic rock

Level One Band

Houston, TX 77002
Level One is one of Houston's BEST PARTY BANDS. Well versed in entertaining Houston's selective music listeners. The band delivers powerful performances specializing in: Motown, Vintage Soul, R&B, Disco, Classic Rock, Jazz & Pop.
Motown, Vintage Soul, R&B, Disco, Classic Rock, Jazz & Country, Pop

Lights Over Roswell

lamarque, TX 77568

Like A Dog

Baton Rouge, LA 70808
If hardcore punk did LSD and danced it's way into a molten tank of jazz.
Jazz, punk, blues

Like Yeah

Houston, TX 77098
A solo indie folk project. I play keyboard and sing.
Indie, Folk

Lil Bob & the Lollipops

Houston, TX 77373
Oldies,Dance,50s,60s,70s,blues,jazz,swing, and zydeco.

Lil' Brian and The Zydeco Travelers

Barrett Station, TX
Z-Funk, zydeco, funk
zydeco, funk, Z-Funk

Liliana's Band MUSIC & MORE

Houston, TX 77081
English & Spanish jazz, bossa nova, bolero, rock, pop,salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia, latin, and more
jazz, bossa nova, bolero, rock, pop,salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia, latin


Houston, TX
modern rock, hard rock, rock, heavy metal,

Linda Ln. (and the chaos that ensued)

Houston, TX 77511
We are a 3-piece melodramatic southern rock band with a kick of hardcore and a punch of punk.
Southern Rock, Rock, Punk, Melodramatic, Hard Rock

Linus Pauling Quartet

Houston, TX
Psychedelic Rock!!
psychedelic, rock


Houston, TX 77017
The best dam punchline local artist around the Houston area.
rap, hip hop

Liquid Casing

Houston, TX
Our music sounds like a bit of fugazi, pink floyd, radiohead, at the drive-in, cursive, with a whole lot of creativity and phat rhythms. Lyrically, we try to relate larger issues from politics and life to that of our own lives and how we can fight the good fight.
alternative, originals, punk,emo, heavy, rock

Lise Liddell

Houston, TX
pop, country,
pop, country

Lithium Pocket

Houston, TX 77095
The band was formed in the winter of 2010 by Howie Cassan. Cassan picked up previous longtime friend of ten years Rich Greene to take on the role of lead guitar/backing vocals in the project. Anxious to get started on this musical journey, Cassan called up longtime friend/bassist Arturo Chacon, whom he had worked with in a couple past projects. The guys were ready to start this project, but they needed someone to keep up the pace, Cassan looked towards co-worker Brandon Sanford who quickly became the last member. With many different musical backgrounds from Metal to Jazz from Grunge to Pop you get perfect structure that makes Lithium Pocket.

Lithium Waltz

Katy, TX 77450
The lowest depths of downbeat pop to the highest altitudes of alternative rock. And a little in between.
rock, pop, alternative

Little Brother Project

Houston, TX
Funk and groove based group with soulful vocals. TOns of improvisation and grooving.
funk, jazz, rock, soul, blues, acid jazz

Little Brown Boy

Louise, TX 77455
Cutting edge, Diverse, Hardcore Metal. Unlike anything you have ever heard before! An in-your-face mosh inspiring grinding thrash-fest!
Metal, Original, Cutting-Edge, Diverse

Little Rock Band

Houston, TX 77447
Classsic Rock, Country, Blues Covers and Originals
70's and 80's Classic Rock, Country, Blues

Living WIth Last

Houston, TX 77065
We have been playing for about two years .. We like to think of are music as different from the rest .. Come check it out

Liviya Compean

Houston, TX 77008
Liviya's music is a unique blend of alternative rock and jazz that is performed both electrically and acoustically
alternative, rock

Lizzie Borden Had An Axe

Houston, TX 77034
Deathcore,drop g, Drop E, Lizzie Borden


Houston, TX 77373
I Think Im A Pretty Good And Influential Artist
Hip-Hop, hip hop,

London Lawhon Music

Houston, TX 77379
A unique soulful but powerfully controlled blend of Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, and classic rock
Pop, Pop Rock, Alternative, rock,

Lonely Road

Houston, TX 77080
A Houston area group playing everything from George Strait Strait to ZZ Top. No venue is too large or small for this band to accommodate.
country, covers, blues, rock,

Lonestar Bluegrass Band

Houston, TX
Houston, Texas' most experienced bluegrass band, since 1982. Traditional and contemporary bluegrass music with a flair for entertainment.

Lonestar Massacre

Houston, TX 77502
we are the culmination of two of the biggest pantera fans, who got together with two death metal fans to put a goddamn southern twist into the music we love, METAL!! its kind of hard to summarize our style in words but if i had to.......we take the baddass solos and vocals that pantera had passed on to us and add that with a fear factory/sepultura style of drums. being sure to leave a little bit of blood on the floor after every song.crunchy ass breakdowns with exceptional guitar and ballsmashing drums has made us one of the most original bands to come out of houston that i have heard in a while.
southern metal,

Longneck Road

Beaumont, TX 77706
Longneck Road performs original Southern Rock, with a blues influence. The band includes Dick LeMasters, Robert Arena, Brett James, and Miles Sykes. Longneck Road is based in Beaumont, Texas, and is available to perform in the Houston/Beaumont/Lake Charles area.
rock, blues, originals, southern, classic, vintage


Houston, TX
We are a 4 piece group with male and female vocals
covers, classic rock, country, and blues

Loosely Tight

Pheonix, AZ 85003
LOOSELY TIGHT, a hard rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. Winners of the California World Music Festival, and previously signed to Capitol Records, they have opened for Van Halen, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, REO Speedwagon, Eddie Money, and many more!
classic, hard, rock, covers, originals

Lord Byron

Houston, TX 77094
I like to consider myself a talented singer, but a more talented song writer. I excell at frontman theatrics and am best at singing for punk, rock, and metal bands, but I am diverse enough to do most anything.
punk, metal, rock,

Lords of Kool

Houston, TX 77096
Houstons Premier Party Duo.

Los Desconocidos

Houston, TX 77055
Punk Rock
punk hardcore

Los Gallos

Houston, TX 77206
Los Gallos: Tex-Mex Rock with a blend of Rock n Roll..
latin,rock,alternative,world,rock en espanol,tejano,jamband

Los Rauncheros

Houston, TX
South East Texas' loudest garage band, featuring the Bayou City’s infamous all tube powered, spring reverb drenched, psycho-delic, throbbing blue wave love gristle guitar onslaught and the pelvis pounding, jungle drum rhythm, crashing surf and blues sounds that your mother warned you about.
surf, blues

Los Skarnales

Houston, TX
Mambos, cha-cha-chas, danzones, musica ranchera, trios, musica de conjunto, musica nortena, swing, boogie woogie, western swing, doo wop, country, rock-a-billy, ska, rocksteady, reggae, cumbia, vallenato, '77 punk rock, Oi!, etc....
rock, espanol, ska, punk, reggae,


Houston, TX 77266
Serving Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast since 2006, Los Vertigos will knock you off balance and make your head spin with their neo-psychedelic, blues-based, retro-rock style.

A proud supporter of the American Roots-Rock Coalition (ARRC).

Roots Rock, Americana, Alternative Country,


Brookshire, TX 77423
Classic rock at its finest!!! 50's, 60's, 70's, & 80's Played our way!!!!
Classic rock

Loud Love

Houston, TX 77089
Cover band that plays a variety of music.
Classic Rock, Alternative, Pop, 80's

Louis and Bobby

Houston, TX 77338
Louis and Bobby started back in June but have been playing music their whole lifes. On stage both of them are lead singers as well as musicians. Even though there is only two of them they bring the feel of a big band. Each of them playing 3 instruments on stage each(not at the same time) and adding breath taking harmonies has quickly got them noticed. They have decided to label them selfs as a christian band but in their beliefs. There music is very inspirational but does not say Jesus Jesus Jesus all throughout the songs.
Acoustic, Rock, Alternative, Christian, Covers, Originals,

Louisiana Boogie

Houston, TX 77062
We play a mix of R&B, R&R, Blues, Louisiana Swamp Pop
r&b, blues, covers

Love and War

Houston, TX 77098
Texas Metal With a Groove!!
hard rock, metal,

Love It To Death

Houston, TX 77511
The Ultimate Alice Cooper Tribute Band! LITD covers the Classics from the King of Shock Rock! The Theatrics.... The Props...... The Guillotine! Love It To Death truly delivers the Total Alice Cooper Experience! It's not enough to paint your face and sing the songs - Paul Byron completely transforms into the Master of the Macabre - Alice Cooper!
tribute, covers, classic rock,

Love Knife

Houston, TX 77007
Good-looking Houston post-punk trio.
punk, post-punk

Low Frequency

League City, TX 77565
We're a couple of teenagers with lots of talent who play a mix of alternative, punk, and a bit of pop. We're definitely ready to get our name out there.
Rock, punk, pop,

Low Kei

Houston, TX 77380
Rap, R&B, Hip Hop
Rap, R&B, Hip Hop

Low Plane Drifter

Houston, TX 77479
Low Plane Drifter (LPD) is a funk-hard rock-rap-alternative band. we like to funk peoples shit up. We're looking to play more shows around houston!
funk, rock


Houston, TX 77584
Clattering grooves, splattering synths and shattering vocals, revolving around and axis drawn straight through IDM, alternative rock, funk and world music.
electronic, alternative, rock


The Woodlands, TX 77381
Cover/Original Alternative Rock Band
Heavy/Funk/Reggae/Groove Oriented, Alternative Rock

Lucky Boyd

La Marque, TX 77568
Roots-rock, americana, blues folk and rock n roll - singer/songwriter
country, blues, folk, rock

Lucky for Some

Cypress, TX 77429
a variety of pop punk and emo. Influences - MEST, Blink182, Reel Big Fish, Incubus, The Goo Goo Dolls, and New Found Glory.
punk, pop


Houston, TX 77077
Hard rock Blondie meets Garbage
Alternative, Rock, Pop, Pop


Houston, TX

Luscious Collide

Houston, TX 77009
Alternatively hip. A raunchy, hard pop-rock.
alternative, rock, originals, pop

Luther and The Healers

Houston, TX 77057
Blues and Jazz Band
blues, jazz,


Houston, TX 77018
Luxurata is a all original british pop rock band. We write hooky guitar based songs with emphasis on melody. We like Doves, Coldplay,Keane, and Pink Floyd.
alternative, pop, originals, melodic, hooks,


Houston, TX
Theres a fine line between madman and genious. I feel like smashing it to pieces.
industrial, metal


Humble, TX 77338
Country, rock, blues and western swing. Lynn would like to do strictly western swing eventually.
western swing, country, rock, blues

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