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Baytown, TX 77520
n10city classic to current rock & roll!
covers, classic, rock, modern,

Name in Vein

Houston, TX 77338
Semi-hard, melodic rock/metal music with a taste of blues.
metal, blues,


Houston, TX 77566
all original, new songs said to sound like thrice, rise against, even iron maiden. Punk/metal w/ various genras.
punk, hardcore, rock, originals, funk, metal, heavy, alternative


Spring, TX 77391
Original classic rock band with a new self-titled CD produced by Gary Katz (Steely Dan, Joe Cocker, Diana Ross and more). Great storytelling to rock n roll dynamic instrumentation, frequently reminding its fans of Led Zeppelin and 38 Special.
originals, rock,

Necro Expo

Houston, TX 77336
Our sound is origional its early metallica mixed with himsa with a dash of iron maiden fucked with pantera we dont have a genre for our band Really.we fall into a few.
Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Melodic Metal,


Houston, TX 77377
The collective of pure rock and punk mixed with just a touch of horror. We'll pull you into our coffins and send you away as one of our ghoulish creatures of the night. We will be in your nightmares...
punk, rock, horror,


Houston, TX 77220
Houston has something so innovative, so energetic that it's twisting and turning the sometimes stifling image of Tejano music backward, forward and on its head.

Negative Fauna

Porter, TX 77365
We are an instrumental rock duo from Houston, Texas. Are music also is along the lines of Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, and experimental rock. We are ready to change the music scene. We are tired of the same genres and bands. We are different, and we want people to notice.
Instrumental rock, progressive rock, hard rock, experimental rock, math rock, rock, alternative rock, instrumental progressive rock

Negative Outlook

Houston, TX 77373
hard hitting, punk style rythm and harmonies


Houston, TX 77385
Emo/Post-rock/Punk Just 5 Guys making music true to us.


Houston, TX
Neopocracy was formed in early 2003 and is a new style of melodic metal to hit the Texas scene


Houston, TX
Etherial pop,punk rock and roll, with lots of energy! Alternative Rock and Roll David Bowie/U2/Radio Head/The Strokes/Led Zepplin
pop, punk, rock and roll, alternative, rock

Network Band

Houston, TX 77065
Jill Scott, Sade, Maze, Mary J Blige, Marvin Gaye
Old school Funk, Jazz, R & B, Soul, Neosoul,

Never a Dull Day

El Campo, TX 77437
Very energetic with sort of a Green Day, Good Charlotte vibe.
rock, alternative, hard

Never Paradox

Sugar land, TX 77478
We are gonzo Rock. We're not quite metal, but we're harder than hard rock. Little punk mixed in.
Gonzo, Rock, Metal, Punk

Never So Fatal

Houston, TX 77083
We are a band fusing rock & hip hop. We compose our own music & write our own lyrics.
rock, hip hop,

Never Touches Zero

Houston, TX 77478
Inbetween post hardcore and hardcore. Melodic chords with hard hitting breakdowns.
Post Hardcore, Hardcore, Progressive.

New Action Hero

Houston, TX 77064
hardcore/ screamo/ post hardcore
hardcore, screamo, rock, post hardcore

New Era Ent.

Houston, TX 77084
Sounds Like The Future
hip hop, rap, r&b

New Nation

Houston, TX 77396
Alternative Rap/Hip-Hop
alternative, ska, rap, hip hop, rock

New York City Queens

Houston, TX 77002
Indie Rock with Classic Pop sensibilities.
pop, rock, indie, alternative,


Houston, TX 77375
Deftones mixed with melodic Hardcore with some thursday thrown in.

Next Best Thing

Houston, TX 77584
we are influenced by such bands as New Found Glory, Finch, Good Charlotte, and Saves the Day
pop/punk, punk

Night Flight

Houston, TX 77018
Night flight is an alternative rock band from Houston,TX formed by 4 young musicians.They were originally supposed to be an angels and airwaves cover band but didnt really enjoy covering music so michael began to write music and created NIGHT FLIGHT. influences are also muse, rush, puddle of mudd, and many more
alternative, rock


Houston, TX 77057
Nightbird recaptures the energy and spirit of a young Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac of the 70's and 80's. Experience a show as if you were watching Stevie and Fleetwood Mac in the height of their career.
covers, rock, tribute,


Houston, TX 77043
classic rock, blues, country
classic rock, blues, country


Houston, TX 77093
if you like drykillLogic, mudvayne, deftones, dredg, pink floyd, ratm, nonpoint, and so on then check us out. www.musictx.com/nimbus
hard, heavy, originals, rock


Houston, TX 77002

rock,classic, alternative,

No Curfew Band

Houston, TX 77014
A nothing but the hits cover band plus original Neo-Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop and Rock songs available for weddings, receptions, concerts, birthday parties, corporate events, etc.
covers, originals, Neo-Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock

No Fly Zone

Richmond, TX 77469
Balls to the walls BIg Hair by a bunch of guys who had to cut their hair and get real jobs!
Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

No Good Reason

Humble, TX 77346
we are a four piece with great talent, and charisma. We maintain our entertainment value by having fun, which is infectious.
alternative, blues, country, covers, classics,

no inbetween

Houston, TX 77080
somewhere on the lines of punk, hardcore, and texas.
punk, hardcore, bluegrass,


Houston, TX 77070
we are a good rock band who love to do our own sound. although we cant be completely diffrent we have a similar sound to breaking benjamens
alternative rock and metal

Nohemi Sanchez

Houston, TX 77040
I sing and play guitar. I am a song writer, play acoustic guitar. I sing only in spanish.
spanish, jazz, blues, psychodelia, metal, reggae.

Nonsense Music Band

Houston, TX 77007
The Nonsense Music Band is strange amalgamation of jazz, folk, death metal, hip hop, mysticism, polka, rock, funk and other styles. We/I are/am interested in blurring the boundaries between the bourgeois and the Bohemian, heterogeneous mixed drinks (especially black & BLANKs), & edutainment.
experimental, singer-songwriting, nerdcore, hip hop, r&b, soul, originals, rap

Norma Zenteno Band

Houston, TX 77023
You could argue that Norma Zenteno doesn't fit in any categorization. Norma received her first electric guitar from her father, acclaimed trumpet player, Roberto Zenteno at age 11. Since that day, Norma has been writing and performing her own music. But then, you could also argue that Norma, could fit in just about anywhere. She's jazz, she's latin, she's funked-up fusion, she's rock and roll, she is an original! Sometimes all within the span of a single blistering evening. With her sizable inventory of originals and covers, her group displays remarkable versatility, catering its shows to multiple audience types.
latin, salsa, rock, blues

Not Afraid

Winnie, TX 77665
Rock/Alternative Blended with Praise and Worship
alternative, christian, originals, pop, rock

Nothing Me

Houston, TX
Acoustic-driven alternative rock.
alternative, originals, rock, christian,


El Campo, TX 77437
very melodic,kind of emo with a touch of old school rock.Energetic live shows with something for everyone.

Nowhere To Walk

Houston, TX 77079
Sounds very influenced by 60's and 70's music, with a hint of modern and progressive and alternative rock.
Classic Rock, Alternative, Rock, Punk, Pop

Nterlude Band

Houston, TX 77044
Nterlude Band is a 3 piece band that plays a wide range of music. We thrive on playing live.We play Originals, Blues, Rock, Country and anything else that sounds good. We also take requests from the audience. We're a young band and have been playing together since October 2011. On our site you will find Music, Videos, Pictures, Booking Info, Contact Info and interesting facts about Nterlude Band
blues, rock, classic rock, original,


Houston, TX 77041


Pasadena, TX 77506
it's a long drive in the sun with the top down.

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