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O Pioneers!!!

Houston, TX 77382
making sure fun is the number one priority. we will not stand still we will not fake our emotions. we play 50's rock and roll soaked in punk and hardcore.
soul, punk, hardcore, rock, rockabilly, surf, ska, funk, gospel, folk, emo

O'Doyle Rules

Houston, TX
dorkrock is the best description
punk, rock


Houston, TX
Melodic death metal

Ocean Cowboys

Houston, TX
The Best of Outlaw Country and Classic Southern Rock
Original, country, covers,classic,rock

Odd Moth Dogma

Conroe, TX 77302
Dark acoustic, Smashing Pumpkins/Pink Floyd/Deftones-esque
Acoustic, Indie


Houston, TX 77040
OF ALL TRADES is a refreshingly different spin on alternative rock. Imagine the red headed stepchild of a three way love triangle between Alternative Rock, Metal, Grunge. GUITAR LEAD: Steve McGuff GUITAR RYTHEM: Jason Hayes DRUMS: Mark Martinez BASS: Jason Gassmann We are happy to currently feature: RJ on vocals
alternative, metal, punk, origionals, grunge,

of bleeding hands

Houston, TX 77073
we're a christian/hardcore/metalcore band from houston tx.
hardcore, metalcore, christian,

of the moment

Houston, TX
uh, we are 3 piece emo/pop-punk band from west houston. good music to nod up and down to
emo, pop-punk, rock

Off Of Longview

Sugar Land, TX
Just a simple ska band in the style of Reel Big Fish or Five Iron Frenzy.
Ska, Punk, Emo, Jazz, Reggae

old man smithers

colllege station, TX 77802
we play pretty hard stuff. I guess I would call us posthardcore. we also play some improv blues and acoustic stuff. we're christians but I don't think our music could be called stereotypcial christian music. we look to bands such as deftones, ben harper, radiohead, underoath etc for inspiration
hardcore, acoustic, blues, christian


Houston, TX 77396
Video game rock/metal band based in Houston. Taking video game tunes and turning them into progressively arranged instrumental pieces in the name of fun, magic and metal!
Rock, Metal, Funk, Jazz, Progressive, Video Game Music.

On This Day

Houston, TX 77056
On This Day's music is a collection of the hard rock of pantera mixed with the melodies of Breaking Benjamin or Staind. Its made to make you simply bang your head and want to lightly tap someone in a group of people!!!
Alternative, Hard Rock, Originals

One Night Stand

Houston, TX 77073
Classic rock covers with a few modern and dance tunes thrown in.
covers, pop, rock, classic rock, alternative

One Way Lane

Houston, TX 77031
Chris And Justin met in eighth grade. So on Friday nights they would practice to the wee hours singing about emo kids, and milfs they met in the mall. After many switchings of friends on both bass and guitars, Jeff was added and Chris H left and came back, and One Way Lane was formed. This meant one way lane, you can go only one way, and in this band...the only way to go...is up! They will surely be around for years to come, and continue on their musical journey to the top!
Rock, Alternative, Experimental

Oneness Darkness

Houston, TX 77207
We want you to have an over dose. We provide very dark intelligent lyrics for the true Adept of the underground, while quenching your thirst for sincere ill intended industrial, metal, punk, rock music and the lifestyle that follows.
goth, industrial, metal, punk, rock, death

Only Beast

Houston, TX 77019
Rock/Progressive, Some Blues, Some Punk, Some Alternative,
rock, progressive, blues, alternative


Houston, TX 77346
More of a melodic metal.
metal, thrash, hard rock,

Opie Hendrix and the Texas Tallboys

Houston, TX
The MAXIMUM C&W sound: Y'all-ternative, Cowboy Hippie Rock, Texas retro-country, Texas Outlaw spiced with cow-punk, roots-rock, and rock-a-billy!
Y'all-ternative, country, alternative, Texas retro-country,Texas Outlaw, MAXIMUM C&W, Cowboy Hippie, originals


Houston, TX 77006
.... Industrial Goth Rock .... using heavy guitars and Synths/keyboards... airy vocals Give this houston based band the unique style.
Industrail, Goth, death, rock, metal, dance, eletronic.

Opus Chaos

Houston, TX 77252
80's rock and some 70's - Dance, audience participation, fun and entertaining band.
80's rock band

orange is in

Houston, TX
Rock/pop band made up of former members of the Surrealtors, the Basics, Skillit, the Joint Chiefs and BuddhaCrush. Hooks, grooves and rock and roll.

Orents Stirner

Houston, TX 77040
We sound like: Ween meets Jeff Buckley.
Alt. Country, Indie, Rock,

Organ Failure

Houston, TX 77008
Expect cute, catchy and quirky rock songs about internal distress.
Eclectic comedy rock


Houston, TX 77001
we're a local east end band from the barrio of magnolia
mexican grunge punk


Houston, TX 77089
Modern-Alternative-Pop Rock
alternative, originals, punk, pop, rock

Oslo In The Summer Time

Pleasanton, TX 78064
We Play From hardcore to indie we are have a smooth sound
emo, hardcore, indie

Otaku Acoustic

Houston, TX 77035
Otaku Acoustic is a geeky cover band. We perform our own acoustic renditions of songs from your favorite anime, Saturday Morning cartoons, video games, and other nerdy pop culture.
World, covers, acoustic, alternative, pop, rock

Otherwise Orange

Houston, TX 77506
Otherwise Orange is an alternative-rock duo with a sound that is sometimes quirky, occasionally heavy, frequently haunting, and always intense. Influences: They Might Be Giants, Tori Amos, Nirvana, U2, NIN
alternative, rock, originals

Our Dark Queen

Spring, TX 77380
Unique blend of classic rock encouragement from two of the bandmates who have proved to be excellent mentors. Mixed with the current feel of rock; brought to life when the youngest members ages 13 & 14 add their fresh vibe. To see these two young girls get on stage is quite a site. Band formed in March, and released their first demo CD in late June, this is one hard working band! A great all original 2 hour set. As well as 2 hours of classic rock and punk covers.
Originals, rock, punk, heavy, alternative, covers, fresh

Out Of Nowhere

Spring, TX
Punk Rock band from Spring Texas.
alternative, punk

Out of Reach

Houston, TX 77023
original indie rock
the future of rock and roll!!!!111

over sea, under stone

Houston, TX 77009
Over Sea, Under Stone met in Houston Texas and began making their particular brand of rock music late in 2004. After a few lineup changes the band settled into a core four-piece composed of drums (JD), bass (Kegan), keyboards (Stacey) and guitar (Heather) with dueling vocalists. Their sound is varied and unusual, but built from a consistent vocabulary of solid drum-work, punchy bass hooks and diversely applied synthesizers. They habitually press uncommon melodic intervals and off-kilter rhythms into the service of accessible songs with catchy refrains. Over this Stacey and Kegan trade off and sometimes interweave lyrics in styles ranging from swaggering literate wit to quiet, considered sincerity. The band has self-released two legacy eps from former lineups: demonstration, and 668 words to savor. Their third ep, five songs are not enough was released in september of 2007.
indie, experimental, ambient, alternative, lounge, rock, post-rock, progressive, art-rock,


Houston, TX 77586
Overdrive is a 5 member group that plays your favorite dance tunes from the 60’s to today. Smooth vocals, layered harmonies, and hot guitar licks blended with the solid groove of the rhythm section are the hallmarks of Overdrive. So check your fluids, buckle-up and get ready to go Rock’n with Overdrive - five decades of the hottest classic rock.
Dance, rock, classic, covers, pop


Houston, TX 77396
Rock. feel good music
rock, alternative


Houston, TX 77022
Classic Rock Plus
classic, rock

Oz Knozz

Houston, TX 77082
Progressive Rock in the spirit of Kansas, Styx, Foreigner, Survivor, etc.
rock, metal, originals, hard, heavy, progressive

Ozz (Ozzy Osbourne Tribute Band)

Houston, TX 77536
Ozz is a full on Ozzy Osbourne Tribute Band that excells in the Madmans full musical catalog!
rock, metal, tribute,

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