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Houston, TX 77469
We have a very unique sound. In words, we sound like a more heavy metal Dream Theater. You have to hear us to really get the point across however.
progressive, metal

Sacred Ground

Houston, TX 77095
Sacred Ground was formed back in 2001 in Houston Texas and has been rocking for over 10 years. A Sacred Ground rock concert is about vibrations and stimulations - sound that is - like a roller coaster ride on top of a giant speaker. Driven by passion and determination for great music and great sound while having fun, this band does just that, primarily through musical tactics like: state-of-the-art equipment; exciting lights and effects, and precision, rocking audiences at the club level to larger arenas.
alternative, covers, rock, heavy, originals, hard

Safety Squirrel

Houston, TX 77024
A group made up of several musicians all about the feel of the music and doing something different but still chillen with your best friends
ska, reggae, rock, punk,

Saints & Sinners

Houston, TX 77532
Texas Blues Rock
blues, rock,


Houston, TX 77018
We are a fun and wild band on stage but we have the art and skill to back it up. We concern ourselves mostly with creating the mood and energy of our songs and have been together since 2001. If you like the band Finch, Weezer, Thursday, or Thrice, then you will love Salinger.
punk, rock, emo, Pop/Punk-Emo

Sally Thieves

Houston, TX 77532
In general, the music is contemporary rock. It fits different genres. Its very smooth and tasteful,yet aggressive and raw. lyric wise and structure wise, Very Creative.
Rock, pop, industrial, originals, alternative


Houston, TX 77058
Houston's newest salsa band plays the best in salsa, merengue, cumbia, abd bachata.
latin, salsa

Salting Jobe

Alvin, TX 77511
Similar to modern metal artists Tool, Disturbed, etc., Salting Job delivers a convergence of odd time signatures, melodic grooves, raw emotion, and pounding aggressiveness that manifests itself in a tapestry of textured metal.
progressive, metal


spring, TX 77373
It's a new sound of funk,made up of funk-jazz-rock-blues and some reggae feel to it.
r&b, funk, jazz,

Samy Jo

Houston, TX 77090
The Samy Jo Band: Country, classic rock and everything in between...
covers,country,southern rock,classic rock,blues,variety,funk,motown,r&b,disco,80s,70s,60s,50s,top 40

Sandy Blue

Houston, TX 77017
I sing Blues, Classic Rock and some Country but I'm also very flexible
Blues, Rock, Country, Covers, Funk, Pop, R&B, swing


Houston, TX 77089

Sarah Ashley Ramirez

Humble, TX 77396
Latin, Jazz, Blues, Funk, R&B, Covers.
Latin, Jazz, Blues, Funk, R&B, Covers,

Satellites Among The Stars

Houston, TX 77331
We are a space rock band with ambient sound and amazing lyrics about the great endurance of space and life.
space rock, alternative rock, rock, electronic, emo, techno, punk, pop, new age,


Houston, TX 77087
SATIN HOOKS delivers urgent punk rock futurism, catchy melodies, awkward rhythms that are danceable and propulsive. Lyrics akin to that which spewed up out of a ruptured main that was once a dream.............................................................................................................. Live shows are songs tied together by sheets of sound, preachers speaking backward and spiking sine waves unfolding into moments of bliss and instantaneous orchestrations............................................................................. Combining influences ranging from Punk (The Birthday Party, Wipers, /6, Girls VS. Boys, etc.), Drum and Bass/Electronic (Roni Size, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Prefuse73, etc.), Jazz (John Coltrane, Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman, Dave Dove, etc.), and Twentieth Century Composers (John Cage, Anthony Braxton, Gerard Grisey, etc.)..................................................................... To see SATIN HOOKS live or hear their recordings is what it's like to be inside of them. It's rare that a band of this caliber emerges from Texas or anywhere for that matter. They possess a sound that seems to have been honed for decades, but have been a band for only a couple of years!
Rock, Avant-Garde, Drum & Bass, Punk, Originals, Pop, Progressive, Electronic, Dance

Satisfied Drive

livingston, TX 77351
We are a classic rock/ blues cover band with originals. From Cream to ZZ Top.
blues, classic, rock, covers, originals


Pasadena, TX 77502
Satranine is a progressive rock/metal band out of Pasadena TX that was formed in 2005 by founding members Jr(VOX)and Mike(Rhythm). We have a mixture of music styles including Punk,Metal,Rock,and Metalcore.
hard, heavy, metal, rock, progressive, alternative


Houston, TX 77520
Hard Rock/Melodic
Alternative, Metal, Hard Rock, Rock

Savage Evolution

Houston, TX
We a Houston based modern rock band that strive to have our own sound.
modern, rock, metal

Saving Hobo Jane - R.I.P.

Houston, TX 77015
Alternative with a variety of twists.
alternative, rock, punk, heavy, hard, emo

Savoy Special

Houston, TX 77006
Indie Rock and Roll from Houston, TX
rock, originals, pop, alternative


Houston, TX 77242
The Debut Album “Hueston Chronicles” received 5 Stars by Black Vision Online hailing that Savvi represents generation next and is the artist to watch in 2004-2005. Savvi represents the essence of hip hop and conscious music that relates to the struggle of the streets and the preservation of ethnic culture. With strong ties to the civic organization BlackOut Arts Collective Savvi works continuously to empower communities of color through the arts providing a beacon of hope for the hustlers and freedom fighters in the city streets. Dubbed the “New Speaker of the House, New Speaker of the South”, Savvi represents the gritty soulful sound of hip hop therapy for grown folks to be embraced by conscious spirits furthering the new hip hop movement.
hip hop, progressive, rap

Scarz and Starz

Houston, TX 77023

School Girl Knife Fight

Houston, TX 77357
A young band who likes the blend elements of hardcore, death metal, and a little thrash...
metal, death metal, thrash, hardcore, heavy

Scooter Brown Band

The Woodlands, TX 77380
Texas music. Country/ Acoustic/ Original.
Country, Acoustic, Originals


Houston, TX 77080
Screwheads is a Metallica/Megadeth cover band. If you need a band to open up your show, let us know!
rock, metal


Houston, TX 77003
Scrollkeeper are a Traditional Heavy Metal band from Houston, Texas that specialize in high energy, anthemic original material that is reminiscent of Metal's halcyon days. The band is comprised of: Simon Marfleet on drums (Coffin Grinder, Calculus), AlexanderK on guitar (Descent Into Madness, Final Xit), Justin McKittrick on vocals (Saxon King, What Lies Beneath) and John Morris on guitar (Well of Souls).

Scruz Loose

Galveston, TX 77551
Classic Rock, Blues & a little Country
Classic Rock, Blues, Rock,

seal 7

spring, TX 77389
we are cutting edge christian rock / metal

Sean Reefer and the Resin Valley Boys

Houston, TX 77030
Sean Reefer formed the Resin Valley Boys to bring the sounds of classic country and western swing back to the world. Sean and the Boys have been swinging through Texas ever since, winning new fans in every honky-tonk and dancehall they've played. Watch for them in your hometown real soon!
Country, Western, Swing,

Seanster McDaniel Band

Houston, TX 77020
Original hard rock metal with influential Spanish flamingo guitar leads
Rock, metal, hard, originals, Spanish, Latin, heavy, progressive, ministry, world, classic

Search Party

Houston, TX

rock, covers

Secret Agent 8

Texas City, TX 77590-5
"Horn-intensive", "high-energy" Ska/Fusion from the Texas Gulf Coast.

Sector 7G

Houston, TX 77061
We're a 4-piece 90's alternative/grunge cover band.
90's alternative, grunge

Seeing Stars

Houston, TX 77345
a high energy band, catchy music and fast beats with some punk/emo influences. use different types of music for different songs and have diverse songs.
originals, pop-punk, emoish,

Seize the Day

Houston, TX
Screamo, melodic, Hrad Rock
Christian, Hard, Rock, Heavy


Houston, TX
Seladora is a Houston local band. We have a heavy sound with some screaming in it. Lots of sound, lots of energy, all passion.
Rock, Heavy, Hardcore, Originals,


Pasadena, TX 77505
We are a young metal band just out there to play metal.
heavy, hard, metal, rock


Houston, TX 77025
Very emotional; technical; beautiful; sad, yet uplifting; mildly progressive.
emo, heavy, rock.

Seres Ocultos

Houston, TX 77023
Alternative Spanish rock
spanish, rock, alternative


Houston, TX
The band formed back in 1998, but it wasn't until a fatefull night in the year 2000 that the current lineup came together. Our sound is a blend of punk rock and metal, but just like anything , it will change as we grow as musicians
punk, rock, metal


Pearland, TX 77581
energetic music that will make your fur dance! >^.^<
Glamor, indie, rock, hard, psychedelic, experimental,

Seven Days Away

Houston, TX
Take 5 rather pissed of guys, put them on stage and you have us, grinding rythem, with kickass leads, vocals with a lot of melody, and heavy with screaming, we dig finch, underoath, avenged sevenfold, atreyu, senses fail, alkaline trio, and tom petty
hard hardcore heavy metal

SeVen To EmoTe

Houston, TX 77532
Formed from a group of old friends and former band mates, Seven To Emote is a Progressive Rock band.
alternative, heavy, originals, progressive, rock

Seventh Son

Spring, TX 77391
Seventh Son, featuring Chris "Sach" Sachitano, Peter Rockrise, Dennis"Blind Ray" Eby, Lee Wertz, Jones "Rusty" Ramsey and Clint Brown. Seventh Son features super rocking, hard knocking Texas Blues and classic rock.
blues, covers, classic rock, rock

seventy~two down

Spring, TX 77386
Hard rockin, funky blastin, metal groove band with a no-holds bar approach to making music.
Hard Rock, Metal, Rock


Houston, TX 77015
We are a 5 member alternative, pop, rock band.
alternative, pop, rock


Houston, TX
Sevrin is Houston's new and upcoming original Alternative/Metal band with an Edge! The band definitely has a sound of their own, a full throttle and powerful In-Your-Face music with meaningful and driven lyrics and vocals. Although categorized as a commercially edgy Alternative band, they do not lack the element of versatility as they tastefully blend in their unique melodies and creative grooves that easily sets them apart from every one else. Sevrin is like nothing else out there, but if you have to label their music it can be compared to some of today's national acts such as Staind, Korn, P.O.D, Seether, Chevelle, Trapt and Taproot. If you're really sick of the same old cover bands in Houston and you're ready to hear some REAL SERIOUS ORIGINAL music, then you owe it to yourself to come and check out the band LIVE and see for yourself! Please visit the Official site at www.SevrinMusic.com for band news, contact info, shows, and more. Thanks!
Alternative, heavy, Originals


Cypress, TX TX
You may ask what is a SEX KAB-OMB? How big is the explosion? The only way to find out is to come experience it for yourself. What I can tell you is that SEX KAB-OMB is an intense entertainment experience that is sure to satisfy your needs, for the ROCK and or ROLL!
Covers, Alternative, Rock, Dance


Houston, TX 77061
Latin Variety Band... Rock/Pop, Tejano, Cumbia
latin, rock, covers


Houston, TX 77257
Smooth/Contemporary Jazz Nationally known with a total of 6 albums. Has been on a military tour around the country since 10/2001


Houston, TX 77093
Hard hitting, High energy, Right in your face Blues

Shadows of Eden

Lake Jackson, TX 77566
We're a Christian Metal band in the Gulf-Coast area. Formed from a select number of teen's bent on bringing the metal to those who appreciate it. We're a bunch of Christian guy's that want to spread the good word by doing what we have fun doing. Bringing the Metal.
metal, christian, death metal, metalcore, deathgrind

Shake Kabibo

Houston, TX
Groove, think, and sing along to Shake Kabibo's Houston-style jazz-rock, the bastard child of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and The Meters, raised on fusion, prog, and jazz.

Shake Russell

Austin, TX
For more than three decades, Texas singer-songwriter Shake Russell has been entertaining audiences throughout the region with his unique, Americana style of folk-rock. A prolific songwriter, Shake has written or co-written hundreds of melodies. Through the years, Shake's songs and albums have frequented the Billboard charts, with many, including "Deep in the West," "You've Got a Lover," "Put Yourself in My Shoes," "One More Payment," and "Our Kind of Love" being recorded by such distinguished artists as Waylon Jennings, Jessi Colter, Ricky Skaggs, Clint Black, and Carolyn Dawn Johnson.
rock, pop, country, blues, folk


Pearland, TX 77581
The core of Shakedown is Brandi Raggio on lead vocals and Lynn Raggio on slide/lead guitar and vocals. Lynn Raggio hails from the legendary Houston heavy metal band BLITZ. Brandi and Lynn met towards the end of the 20th Century and moved to the Arts district of Houston and began collaborating on original material and performing as a duet at various venues in the Montrose area as Truth In Wine. They relocated to Pearland several years later, changed the name to Shakedown and added Mike Simon on bass and guitar, Rick Gomez on drums and Mark Fenton on bass and acoustic guitar. Shakedown sounds like Sass Jordan and Duane Allman jammin’ with Bad Company.
blues rock, classic rock

Shankster Music

Houston, TX 77008
Funk, jam, groove and a whole lot more baby!!!
Funk, Jam Band, Jazz, Dance, Chill Out


Webster, TX 77598
Reggae, Punk, and Country No Covers
Reggae, Punk, Country


Houston, TX 77056
we are a Pschyedelic Metal band with a hint of expiremental. We are based in the Houston area so come see us Houston and help support our revolution.
alternative, metal, expiremental,

Shawn Breedlove

Cypress, TX 77429
I am mainly a Blues, Rock guitarist with a great love for the music, I am currently writing by own songs and hope to be famous soon
blues, rock, rock & roll,

Shawn Jason Taylor & The Republic of Texas

Pinehurst, TX 77362
Texas Music-Americana-Southern Rock-Shawn Jason Texas & The Republic of Texas
Texas Music, Southern Rock

Shawn Pander

houston, TX
With his passionate devotion to music, one can’t help but feel the enthusiasm that exudes from Shawn Pander and his songs. His creative songwriting and amiable stage presence establish him as an up-and-coming formidable musical force. That smoky sound of his voice is reminiscent of Dave Matthews, John Mayer and Sting.

Shea-Van Winkle

Houston, TX 77002
Playing a wide range of rock as a full band, acoustic duo or acoustic trio.
Alternative Rock, Acoustic Rock, Rock,

Sheila Marshall

houston, TX 77063

Sherri Jerrico

Houston, TX 77040
Contact me added attraction Darlene Miller
country, oldies

Sherrie R Bias

New Orleans, LA 70896
Jazz, R & B, Neo-Soul, Gospel,

Shining Force

Pasadena, TX 77502
Heavy Metal with a Positive Message
Metal,Heavy Metal,White Metal, Progressive Metal,Thrash,


Houston, TX 77259-0
Experimental/progressive rock, with some humor thrown in. Hard to describe, but very original.
rock, progressive, experimental, electronic


Houston, TX 77385
Quality variety band for your events and parties!
variety, covers, dance, classic,


Houston, TX 77036
We are a overdriven guitar oriented loud rock band. All original. The 4 of us have been rockin out off and on since 1996. We hope to release a cd by summer 2014.
Rock, Pop, Melodic, Metal,

Shootin' Looters

Pearland, TX 77581
Good ol' down home southern rockin' country and blues. We are music from Texas.
country, originals, rockabilly, Texas Rock,

Short Notice

Houston, TX
Three piece classic, blues variety.

Shortbus Superheros

Huntsville, TX 77340
Upbeat, emotional music for the kids that don't fit in.
indie,emo,rock somewhere between Weezer and The Juliana Theory.


Houston, TX
punk alternative

Shotgun and the Bayou Dawgs

Houston, TX
Versatile blues-rock trio with a jazz, funk, and other styles mixed in. This band is all about having fun with the audience. We sing about Hoochie Mamas, Big legged women, Getting drunk, and all sorts of other fun, wild stuff.
Blues, rock, jazz, funk


Houston, TX 77459
Shy Foxx puts out the true 80`s hair metal sound with their originals and covers.
metal, rock, covers,

Sibylline Prophecy

Houston, TX 77084
Pure fuckin metal

SID 17

Houston, TX 77096
SID 17 is an all original hard rock band based out of Houston Texas. The band was originally formed in 1993 and played sold out shows throughout Texas for many years. In 2009 SID 17 reformed the original lineup and is back bigger, better and heavier than ever!! The band is currently recording their new CD and selling out venues. SID 17 brings a show that is unrivaled by any other band!
rock, hard rock, metal, originals,


Alvin, TX 77511
Easy listening, 50's oldies with a modern twist.
Indie, Alternative


richmond, TX 77406
alterative rock with a sound of the 80's and today all in one

Silenced Within

Houston, TX 77077
Gothic /Metal /Industrial We are a cross of KORN and Evanescence. Our lyrics encompass the good, evil, & truths of life. Is this Heaven or Gothic Revelations?
Metal, Gothic, Industrial


baytown, TX 77521
we are catchy... modern rock...really talented.. very good lyrics
alternative, rock

Silent October

Port Neches, TX 77651
we are a mix between underoath/glassjaw with nasty breakdowns
hardcore emo

Silent Sorrow

Houston, TX 77373
Post hardcore rock/alternative
rock, hardcore, alternative

silhouettes fading

cleveland, tx 77327

Silver Wings Band

Houston, TX 77058
We are a group of talented musicians ready to provide entertainment for your event. Whether it be a night of blues, a night of country or a combination that also includes classic rock, R & B, and original tunes, we have the music for you.
Blues, Classic, Rock, Originals, Country, Rockabilly,


Houston, TX
Classic Rock
Classic, rock, blues, country, covers


Houston, TX
Dj and live drummer collaboration. Dj mixes, scratches, plays music..and live drummer plays acoustic beats to dj.
dj, funk, hip hop, rock, techno,

Simply Scottish Quartet

Houston, TX 77092
An international acoustic quartet playing and singing traditional Scottish and Celtic songs with unique blended harmonies that will transport you to another place and time!
traditional, world, Celtic, Scottish, Irish, international, acoustic, quartet


Houston, TX 77087
spanish metal band
latin, spanish, metal, heavy metal, rock,

Since the Ashes

Houston, TX 77077
Original, erratic and influenced by an ample number of talent including international bands and musicians
metal, hardcore


Houston, TX 77079
Loud hard fast guitar driven rock with a splash of electronics. think ministry meets pantera at rick rubin's house, and lone star beer is being served.
alternative, electronic, hard, hardcore, heavy, industrial, metal, originals, rock


Houston, TX 77536
Metal for the masses
Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore, Post-Hardcore

Sinister Scourge

La Porte, TX 77571
Extreme death/black metal
death, black, metal,

Sister Honey

Houston, TX 77023
Houston's brand new all female rock band consists of Brooke Alyson (Nightbird) lead vocals, Myrna Sanders (Kozmic Pearl, ZigZag)on bass, Kelli "Dinky" Thompson on lead guitar, and Wynn Ann Chaney on drums.
rock, hard, metal, classic, covers, alternative, pop, punk

Sister Luck

Austin, TX 78704
Southern Rock, with the Austin Vibe. A new sound. Rooty and soulful.
Rock, Groove, Alternative,


Houston, TX
Southern Metal

SiX sTiGmA

Houston, TX 67218
Taking Rock for a night out on the town.


Houston, TX
Hottest country band in town !! We do alot of our own original music. Debut self-titled CD available on our website.
Country, originals

Ska Bands Like Us

Pasadena, TX 77503
We're all coming from different angles but if you want an idea, think Less Than Jake.
punk, ska, rock,


Houston, TX 77573
a houston metal band that owns all other metal bands. dark and brutal but melodic and pretty. they are not emo and are 100% badass. Thats all i can say. thay are fucking amazing.


Houston, TX 77049
The name Skandhas, which was proposed by Juan, stems from Buddhism and is used to describe the nature of the individual human existence as a combination of five physical and mental elements. The five Skandhas(1.The Material Organism 2.Sensation 3.Conception 4.Voilition 5.Conciousness) are all equal and together form the "self" only when all are present and functioning. The same general idea flows behind the mentality of the group; the idea that we can only function as a band if the members are all present and functioning, each contributing his/her individual creativity to create a music that will blow your mothafucking mind.
grunge, alternative, metal

Skeleton Dick

Houston, TX 77006
Comic Punk Rock
Punk,pop punk,garage punk, comedy

Skigh Hi

Houston, TX 77083
Skigh Hi is not just the music it's a lifestyle. Representing prouldly a sense of individualism, Skigh Hi pushes the perception of what hip-hop is.
Hip-Hop, Rap, Reality, Fresh,


Houston, TX
Rock, Blues, Funk, Classic Rock from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond.
Rock, Blues, Classic , Funk


Humble, TX 77338
B.B. King, korean hiphop, and R&B, system of a down (the melodic part), linkin park, oldies like Buddy Holly
rock, blues, goth, emo, hip hop, R&B, classical,


League City, TX 77573
Really good base of songs. Influences vary from Chevelle to Faith No More. From Sevendust to Sliknot.
alternative, hard, heavy, metal, originals, rock,

Sky Blue 72

Houston, TX 77006
A power trio with with a twist means that this chick singer and drummer kicks ass! And the two dudes are pretty cool, too. The Houston, Texas based Sky Blue 72 exists in a world where pop music rocks, where beauty comes first and truth is a close second, and where the song itself is as important as the show.
rock, alternative, groove

Sky Schroeder

Houston, TX 77536
I'm a guitar player, looking for a serious band. I wouldn't mind writing originals, but i will play in a cover band too. I'm down to play anything from Killswitch to John Mayer. So I play a wide variety, you can call or text my cell if you wanna know anything else. 8327857389
blues, covers, rock, metal, heavy, originals, hard, pop, punk, surf

Sky Whitney

Houston, TX 77289
A Few artists are born with the gift of music that builds bridges between generations and leaves you soaring...Sky Whitney has that gift. His music is Texas rugged, bold and compelling. With his energetic performances Sky moves audiences of all generations. When you listen to Sky, you'll hear the influence of the wide open spaces and the clear blue skies of the Lonestar state. Sky's music is like a plane skywriting it's message strong and confident- a new signature in the world of Country Music.

Skylar Blue

College Station, TX
To put it simple- a mix of heavy alternative rock with pop sensibility, and melodic vocals. Been described as a mix of Finch, The Ataris and Chevelle.
alternative pop, rock, metal, emo


Lake Jackson, TX 77566
A mixture of psychedelic music and ambient progressive. Some electronica
Progressive, Prog, Indie, Psychedelic, Ambient, Electronica, Chill


Houston, TX 77040
metal, southern, rock, grunge

Slappy's Groove Shack

Houston, TX 77095

Funk, Rock,


Houston, TX
Texas rock peppered with groove, lush melodies and power vocals.

slave silinder

Houston, TX 77380
my idea of rock...
metal, grunge, punk, rock

Slide Effect

Bacliff, TX 77518
High energy Texas Rock & Blues

Slime and The Ice Machine

Houston, TX
Rolling Stones, Beatles, Classic Rock to Present


Houston, TX
A versatile, unique sound with explosive dynamics, 'etherial' ambient guitar/vocal harmonies, and dark lyrical subject matter. "Intense!"
alternative, hard, industrial, ministry, originals, progressive, rock

Slop Jar Junior

Houston, TX 77063
High energy funk rock.
funk, rock

Slovak Republic

Houston, TX
quiet, but sometimes noisy
alternative, electronic, originals, shoegazer, dreampop

Smith & Turner

Galveston, TX 77551

Country, Americana, Texas Singer-Songwriter


Houston, TX 77053
My music is best describe as Reality expressed in rhymes. True Hip Hop.
Hip Hop, Rap,


Houston, TX 77008
I am an independent artist out of Houston Texas by the name of SmokesPaid. I don't like to be defined by genres. I just love making great music.


Houston, TX 77037-3
If you can't feel the euforia and torment of this mans music, then you might want to check with someone...you could be dead! When you see SMOKIN JOE DENSON live you'll see a fire extinguisher beside his special effects board....it's for a board alright...his fret board!!! A true Texas Guitar Legend, Smokin Joe plays in the grand tradition of Jimi Hendrix,Robin Trower,Frank Marino and Joe Satriani.

Smoking Spore

Houston, TX
Completely improvisational psychedelic rock.
rock, jamband, psychedelic, acid, space, stoner

Smythe and Taylor

Houston, TX 77077
Everything from blues to bluegrass!! You've never heard THIS!

Snits Dog and Pony Show

Houston, TX 77008

blues, rock

Snot Rocket

Baytown, TX 77521
Comedy/Rock/Acoustic band specializing in "no-holding-back" parodies.
comedy, rock, acoustic


Houston, TX
Rock/Grunge/Alternative Melodic, grunge influeneced Rock. Influenced: Deftones, Nirvana, Rage, Faith No More, Pumpkins, Audioslave, etc..
Rock, Grunge, Alternative,

Sober In The Morning

Houston, TX 77043
We are a Indie Groove Hard Rock band from Houston. The band consists of Joey Dickson, Vocals Ian Ray, Drums Sam Ray, Lead Guitar Cade Bundrick, Rythum Guitar/Tech and Bowen Lyons, Bass Guitar.
Alternative, Funk, Groove, Hard, Originals, Progressive, Rock,

Social Bliss

Clute, TX 77531
Social Bliss covers several different bands ranging from the Doors, the Cars, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Miller Band, Tom Petty and Social Distortion, we also play awesome originals. Cover styles are everything from Alternative, punk, classic rock and blues.
alternative blues classic rock rockabilly originals

society red

Houston, TX 77449
come and feel it for yourself...
alternative, rock, folk

Sol 34

Houston, TX 77003
Hard Hitting all original band from Houston,TX. If you like Godsmack or Metalica than this is the Band for you.
Hard Rock, Metal,

Solar Temple

Houston, TX 77076
Solar Temple is a sludgecore, metal band from Houston, Tx.
sludgecore, rock, metal,

Solero Flamenco

Houston, TX 77089
Irma "La Paloma" and Jeremias Garcia "El Valiente" bring you "un pedacito de España" in authentic Flamenco performances true to the passion and vibrancy of the music of the Andalusian gypsies. With an honest and exciting approach, rich in tradition and respect for the art, La Paloma y El Valiente transport audiences to the realm of music from the heart .... Flamenco.
Flamenco, Guitar, Dance, Classical, World, Folk

Solitude Endeavor

Houston, TX 77011
Solitude Endeavor is an alternative rock band from Houston, composed of four musicians; Michael Cantu-Vocalist/Rhythm Guitar, Jose Barboza- Lead Guitar, Gerardo Briano- Drums, & Alex Espinosa- Bass. The history behind Solitude Endeavor goes back to 2007 when the band was previously known as Night Flight, since then on the band has played different venues all over Houston. Solitude Endeavor’s background of musical taste ranges from post-grunge to progressive, with no restrictions of sound, writing ability, and style. Endeavoring for change in the music industry, to continue writing music that involves the phases in life the human mind subsists through.
Alternative, Rock, Indie, Punk, Progressive


Houston, TX 77450

Somber Element

Houston, TX 77070
Texas Rock! Blues, grunge, alternative. The music matches the name Somber Element. Every song is a different ride that takes different turns. We have had people rock out to our music and some come up to us after with tears in their eyes. Sounds like Toadies and STP amoung others. Influenced by TOOL, Deftones, and a lil Red Hot Chili Peppers.
alternative, blues, groove, jamband, originals, hard rock,


Pearland, TX 77584
Rock Band

Something Else

Houston, TX 77094
Soulful punk you can dance to.
alternative, punk, rock, dance, originals

Something Really Dirty

Houston, TX 77503
Ben Kweller, Groovie Ghoulies, The Offspring, Tokyo Space Cadets (RIP), Zero Zero, The Who, The White Stripes, Tenacious D,
indie rock

Something Revolution

Houston, TX 77478
heavy riff-rock with punk/grunge attitude
rock, alternative, hard, heavy, punk, grunge, blues, dance, covers, original



Son Tumba'o

Houston, TX
Son Tumba'o is primarily a Salsa, Latin, Cumbia, Bachata and Latin Jazz band. We also do Top-40 and contempary Jazz.
latin, salsa, jazz, top 40

Sonic Red

Houston, TX
Houston based Rock, Alternative band with emphasis on strong vocals, smokin' guitars, and a heavy rhythm section!
rock, alternative, originals, covers


Houston, TX
Christian rock/worship
Christian, rock, worship,


Houston, TX
Biker Brawl Hard Rock Megagroove, largely inhanced by Fine American guitars,old English tube amplifiers and Canadian whiskey, and unless you're spawned from Satan......well lets just say you'll like it.
Original Hard Rock, groove, Based on tradition, forged for today

Soul Creatures

Houston, TX 77040
We are a seven-piece mix of eclectic musical backgrounds joined together to produce a modern take on the classic funk, rock, and soul vibe. Situated in Houston, Texas with some international roots, our intention is to create incredibly danceable music that simultaneously uplifts the soul. Horns, keys, guitar, bass, and rhythm all come together behind Russ' powerful stage presence to unify both the band and the audience in a communal good time. Our music will get you moving and our live performances are an event to be experienced. *Funk Heals.

soul denied

Houston, TX
hard to listen to
death, thrash, metal,

Soul Fixx

Houston, TX
Soulful folk rock. A little bluesy, a little rock, a little of everything for people of all ages and genres including, alternative, blues, alt country, folk.
alternative, blues, folk, rockabilly, soul

Soul Junkies

Houston/Katy, TX 77449
The best Blues and Classic Rock with a new Texas twist.
blues, covers, classic, originals, r&b

Soul Kitchen

Houston, TX 77006
A Houston-based tribute band that performs the music of Jim Morrison and the Doors.
covers, classic, psychedelic, tribute, rock

Soul Removed

Houston, TX 77388
heavy metal band from humble tx!
heavy, metal,

Soul to Soul

Humble, TX
Soul to Soul, based in the Houston, Texas area, is a versatile band deeply rooted in R&B, Motown, Funk, Blues and Soul. The band members and their style of music create a lively atmosphere filled with humor and audience participation. Their solid instrumentation and powerful voices will leave an impact on you! Soul to Soul member are Alan Lee (lead vocals/guitar/harmonica/songwriter), Aart van der Toorn (drums), and Charles "Neckbone" Murphy (bass/backup vocals).
Blues, funk, originals, r&b, rock, soul.

Soul Urge

Texas City, TX 77510
Soul Urge is an up and coming rock band in the Houston area. Blending heavy giutars, ambient keyboards, driving drum beats and melodic vocals, Soul Urge is set to take the music industry by storm.
Orinial, rock, alternative,

Soul Xchange

Houston, TX
You saw them at Rockstock 2002 with Nickleback, Default, Tommy Lee, Jerry Cantrell, and you’ve heard all the buzz! Formerly known as SPÜNE; Soul Xchange is a progressive alternative rock band with enough attitude to rock you hard and the ability to touch your soul.
rock, alternative, hard, heavy, progressive

Soulfiya & the Black Lung Crew

Galveston, TX 77551
High-energy blend of hip-hop and reggae. No weakness. No covers. Dru Long (Vocals, Samples) - DOkOla (Hip-Hop MC) - Kevin Donovan (Keys) - Mike Healy (Bass, Vocals) - JP Lopez (Drums) - Matthew Funches (Keys).
Dancehall Reggae, Hip-hop, Soca


Alvin, TX 77511
Good ole classic rock and blues!!!
rock, blues,

Souls on Monday

Elton, LA 70532
Hard Modern Rock with a melodic tone. Our music is Rock n Roll all the way through. Our influences are bands from Alice N Chains to Puddle of Mudd. Come to a live show and you will remember us!
hard, rock, metal, modern, heavy metal, Rock n Roll, Beaumont, Houston, Louisiana, Texas


Kingwood, TX 77339
SoulShine, Houston's premier live music experience, has been rocking clubs all over the Houston metro for over 5 years. Covering the Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, and Country genres, Soulshine has garnered positive reviews from Houston's print media, radio, and the praise of several national charities.
covers, rock, classic rock, blues, country


Houston, TX 77459
SSS plays Al Green to AC/DC. This band can do it all. With electrifying music and vocals they are a sure thing for your party or event.

Sound Advice

Pearland, TX 77581
Sound Advice is a variety group able to entertain many audiences with Rock, Country, R&B, Pop, Blues as well as Contemporary Christian music working the public and private shows.

Sound Breaking Ground

Houston, TX
Heavy Melodic Rock.


Houston, TX 77071
SOUNDPROOF is a variety band made up of some of Houston's top musicians. SOUNDPROOF plays classic rock, R&B, country, disco, swing, jazz, blues, disco, etc. We love versatility and we have music that is a crowd pleaser!
rock, R&B, jazz,swing, blues, country, disco,


Houston, TX
Classic Rock and Blues
Classic Rock, Blues

southern backtones

houston, TX
nominated recently by the houston press as best rock/pop. I would say we are more punk with some tex mex
punk, rock, tex mex, pop


Houston, TX 77267
AssKickin Southern Rock!
southern, rock

Southern Death Cult

Houston, TX 77450
Heavy Rock, Heavy Metal
Heavy Rock, Heavy Metal,

Southern Embers

Beaumont, TX 77713
Hard rock with southern and classic influences
hard rock,southern rock


Houston, TX 77015
Top 40 Country/Rock Band
country, rock


Beaumont, TX 77703
5 piece C&W cover band. Very polished, very well established, professionally endorsed. The band performs a mix of CLASSIC C&W as well as CURRENT hits from artists such as Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Chris Young and others.
country, C&W, classic country, current country, southern rock, blues,


Houston, TX 77004
powerful vocals heavy riffs sick bass and sick drums
new age rock, heavy metal, hard rock, rapcore,alternative


Houston, TX


Houston, TX 77096
Future Music. Spahrk has been recording and making music since he was a young teenager. He plays a variety of instruments and is always pursuing the mastery of new ones. Spahrk's involved in a number of various musical projects in a variety of different facets in an aim to consistently lengthen his musical network and his own musical growth. His own personal work exemplifies the importance that he places on his musical network and musical community. His personal projects range from acoustic singer-songwriter material to nu-age ambient music, electro-hip-hop-soul, nu-funk, electro-rock and more. By combining raw, acoustic instrumentation of wood and steel with electrified instruments and musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) controllers, Spahrk's music is truly the music of the future. Using his wide range of instrument skills, he aims to join the styling ranks of versatile, genre-less musicians such as Beck, Moby and DangerMouse. Spahrk is always eager to innovate his sounds and to share them whenever he can, however he can, to whomever is willing to listen and jam. Spahrk performs individually in three types of sets. His acoustic set features Spahrk in a more intimate setting, singing with an acoustic guitar and an occasional loop pedal. For up-tempo beats and grooves, Spahrk's DJ set features him behind trigger pads, MIDI controllers, and synthesizers, accompanied by his laptop. For the most unique experience, his live mix set presents a mixture of live instrumentation (guitar, bass, drums) and vocals, with electronic production using midi controllers, trigger pads synthesizers and more, accompanied by his laptop. https://spahrkmusic.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/spahrk
electronic, acoustic, singer-songwriter, DJ, acoustic-electro, nu-electro, electro hip hop, instrumental hip hop, electronic rock, alternative, folk, groove, new age, progressive, techno


spring, TX 77380


Spin Cycle

Houston, TX 77002
Spin Cycle is a Houston based cover band. The new 2011 version of the band is firing on all four cylinders. This four piece dynamo powers through a barrage of hits on every stage they play. Spin Cycle plays everything from Oldies and Classic Rock hits to '80's and '90's Pop, as well as Modern Alternative.
rock, covers,

Spiny Norman

Houston, TX


Humble, TX 77346
High Energy Live Show
alternative, rock


Houston, TX
Christian Metal.. pure power and adrenaline
Christian Metal houston new metal ministry

Spiritul Winter

Houston, TX 77072
Spiritul Winter is back , let the resurrection begin be sure to check out the interview with Blissfulviolet at http://www.beyondthedarkhorizon.com/SpiritulWinter.html
metal, death, death metal, doom, speed metal

Splendor Projekt

Houston, TX 77450
music for the human race.
electronic, synthpop, electropop, new wave,

Spring Morning Rain

Houston, TX 77029
the band is called spring morning rain we are currently lookin for a drummer and a guitarst and if you can scream that would be a plus to but you dont have to you have to have to know how to play before requesting you may think its funny that i added that but people do tryout that dont know plz contact us if your wanting to join plz call jimmy at the number given 713-838-6946

Squad 51

Houston, TX 77270-7
Modern rock. Imagine STP with 2 guitars meets Collective Soul meets Storyville

St. End

Katy, TX 77449
Rock, classic rock, hair metal, concerts, hard rock
Classic rock, 80's music , classic metal, covers, rock

St. Jubilee

Houston, TX
St. Jubilee was formed in the Spring of 1996 with the orginal members Bryan Contreras, Manny Flores and Jim Sollazzo. The trio quickly bonded and took their work to Bryan/College Station, Texas trying out their new two new tunes. The crowd and the bar owners loved them, and asked for more..
pop, rock

Stacey Steele

Houston, TX 77065
Houston based singer/songwriter, guitarist, bassist, drummer/percussionist, pianist. Debut solo album coming summer 2012. Raised in Katy, Texas (a small town just a few miles west of Houston), Stacey knew at age 5 exactly what he wanted to be one day..a singer/musician. The son of singer/musician parents, Stacey watched them play night after night in Houston's most popular night clubs and restaurants throughout the 70's and 80's. Five of the bands Stacey played in during the late 90's were nominated for "Band of the Year" by the Houston Press, a local Houston newspaper. In 2006, Stacey was also nominated in the Texas Buzz Music Awards as "Record of the Year", "Song of the Year", and "Band of the Year" while playing lead guitar with the band, LIFE OF RILEY. Up to now, Stacey has played all over the country, been featured on VH1, performed and recorded with Grammy nominated and Grammy winning artists and producers, and made a ton of albums and music videos. Stacey is currently putting the finishing touches on his first solo country album with Grammy winning producer/engineer, Brian Garcia (Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, King's X, Our Lady Peace, Diana DeGarmo, etc). The album is slated for release in the summer of 2012. Stacey is currently booking original shows, as well as cover shows as a solo, duo, trio, or full band.
Country, classic rock, covers, rock, bluegrass, originals, folk, blues, traditional

Stacey Steele & The Jukebox Heroes

Houston, TX 77065
THE JUKEBOX HEROES are a high energy trio that consists of Stacey Steele (lead vocals, guitars), Alan Doss (bass, vocals), and John Hill (drums). The band plays a combination of classic and current rock and country, performing all your favorite hits of yesterday and today...as well as original music. Stacey Steele is a former member of some of Houston's most successful bands, including World Edge, The Limos, Arrival, Toy Subs, Mind Body Soul, and Moriah/Life Of Riley. Alan Doss was a founding member/drummer of Geffen and Metal Blade recording artists, the Galactic Cowboys, and has played with Houston's own Toy Subs and Ashbury Keys as well. John Hill was a former drummer for the Houston band, Rat Ranch, and also plays with Houston bands Wattzit2ya, Spare Heart (Heart tribute), and Geddy Perry (Rush/Journey tribute). The Jukebox Heroes offer high energy music, impecable musicianship, and a great live show.
country, classic rock, pop, original, Texas country, red dirt, rock, covers, classic, dance, alternative

Staci's Edge

Houston, TX 77396
Bluesy Rock with an Edge.
Rock, Blues,

Stage Dive

Sugar Land, TX 77496-7
Beautiful music for beautiful minds...dreamy, heavy, female-fronted modern rock band.

Stalking Chloe

Houston, TX
Strong melodies, heavy guitar, thumping bass and intricate percussive beats to create an edgy, tight rock sound that is catchy, without losing the roots of ‘70s rock ‘n’ roll.
alternative, originals, progressive, rock

Stand Tall

Spring, TX 77379
Pop Punk/Punk (Blink-182, Sum 41, Misfits, The Ergs, Descendants, New Found Glory, etc...)

Star 67

Houston, TX 77064
fun for everyone
punk, alternative, rock, pop,


Houston, TX 7705
my music is coolist,universal and for the people. something for everybody to feel vibe and have a good time too
Hip Hop,Rap

Stare Decisis

Meadows Place, TX 77477
experimental, progressive, insturmental band.
instrumental, progessive, jamband,

Starlit Skies

Houston, TX 77063
4 teenagers making music we love. we are currently gigging and looking to tour in the summers and go somewhere.
rock, pop-punk, pop, punk, pop-rock

StarLit Summer

Houston, TX 77488
StarLit Summer has a musical style that is heavy, but still catchy enough to fill any music lovers head full of ear candy! Guitar solos that will melt your face and lyrical vocals that will take you that special place!
rock and roll, screamo, metal

Stashbox Ritual

Houston, TX
Punk rock with mixes of alt. rock, funk, and screamo.
punk,alternative rock,funk

State of Oblivion

Houston, TX 77339
A Industrial/Metal/Grunge solo side project from Austin salter, brings together the elemnts of hard industrial metal and fusing it with a post grunge feel.
Industrial, Metal, Alternative, Grunge

Stateside Stereo

Houston, TX 77024
...And that's the music that's being created by Stateside Stereo: it's natural. Of course, Stateside Stereo Rocks! But, it's unforced, it's unposed they aren't trying to sound like anything other than themselves. The music is up-tempo, upbeat, and even the "slow" songs have a drive and passion. That's what the music is: it's joyous and passionate! Stateside Stereo genuinely loves playing together and that feeling is infectious in their shows. They want you to move with them. They want you to sing along and have just as much fun Rockin' Out as they are having. Nobody knows how far this will go or if circumstance will break them apart. But what could be better than losing yourself in Rock and Roll for a while? Rock On!
Indie, Rock, Punk,


Orange, TX 77630
Coming on the scene in April of 1999, Static has brought a refreshing new sound to Louisiana and Texas. These five musicians, all of whom have been exploring very different worlds, have found themselves in a musical hurricane. Representing Rock, Funk, R&B, Jazz, Cajun, and Country genres, these guys bring with them an incredible sonic palette. When you mix that with their engaging personalities, a trip to a Static gig is like Baby Ruth…satisfaction guaranteed! Lead singer Philip Ebarb, formerly of the Louisiana Yard Dogs, guitarist Jamie McCabe, bass player Alastair White, drummer Nathan Currie and accordion phenom Eustac Ledet have joined together to create a tasty blend of musical hash.
rock, funk, r&b, jazz, cajun

Steady Grind

Houston, TX
Steady Grind - Houston based rock n roll band performs covers from the 80s rock days of guitar gods, soulful blues picking, blazing metal riffs to current drop D tunes.

Stealth Ninja

Houston, TX
We are an industrial/rock/electronica band writing all original music that you can mosh, dance, or just groove to in you car.

Steel Water Blue

Houston, TX 77041
We are a local Top 40 country band performing regular gigs around the Houston area, and are influenced by artists such as Lady Antebellum, Sugarland, Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan, and Martina McBride. We play in bars, restaurants, homes, and anywhere else we are needed! Please contact us if you would like a quote.
live country band, top 40 country, country, t op 40

Stephen Chadwick

Houston, TX 77095
There's something comfortable about Stephen Chadwick's music - like slipping into your "good" jeans before heading out for the evening. He's Honky-Tonk in an uncertain time - true to his roots and proving to be a master of the genre. But don't label him or call him predictable. There's nothing retro about heartache and hell-raising, and Stephen's sound is as timeless as spilled beer and loneliness. However, he has a richness in his vocals and a devilish cleverness in his arrangements that hit you like a sly wink on the dance floor and leave you feeling part-thrilled and part guilty for enjoying it so much. It's that very cleverness - his song choices, lyrics, and attitude - that play with the Honky-Tonk tradition so well here. Stephen goes from heartbroken to hopeful while keeping that sense of mischief throughout. This is real-deal Honky-Tonk, with a twist that will keep you dancing and smiling to yourself all night long.
Country, Honky Tonk, Texas Country

Stephen Sweeten Band

Conroe, TX 77301
One of the best up and coming Texas music recording artist. A very energetic crowd pleasing band playing covers and original music.
country, covers, original,


Houston, TX 77007
Rock cover band
rock, alternative, covers,


Houston, TX 77072
skrap metal- ska rap and metal under the new age genre
skrap metal, Ska, rap, Metal,

Steve Krase & The In Crowd

Houston, TX
The band are two time winners of the 2004 & 2005 International Blues Challenge. Blistering guitar and harmonica!
blues, rock,

Steve Perkins

Pasadena, TX 77505
I am a Christian Artist who likes rock and roll. If you like some Rock and Roll, just let me know!
Alternative, Rock, Christian

Steve Steele

Houston, TX
Format: Rock (original). Comparisons: Incubus, Lenny Kravitz, Red Hot Chili Peppers. CD available, go to website for details...
rock, originals

Steve Straker

Houston, TX 77002
Houston born singer-songwriter plays a mean guitar. Is it country that rocks or rock with a twang? You decide!
guitar, country, rock, blues, singer, songwriter,

Steve Williams

Conroe, TX 77303
Smooth smokey voiced R&B flavored Vocalist with a killer range backed up with very accomplished bass playing skills. I play and sing everything from classic rock to standards from the 40\'s and 20\'s to classic latin(and some salsa too), country (new and old), I\'ve worked with Willie Nelson and many other local bands over a 37 year career. Yeah, I\'m a older guy but you\'d never know it when I play!
Classic rock, standards, swing, big band, funk, jazz, bebop, dixieland, latin, disco, new age, fusion, R&B, zydeco, swamp funk

Stevin Marsh

Alvin, TX 77511
We play good old Country Music, a little southern Rock, a little 50's .... and some of our own (13 songs)
Country, originals

Still Pulling Through

Struthers, OH 44471
Five kids from a little city in Ohio. Just setting out to play music and have fun.
pop-punk, punk, emo, alt., rock, hardcore


Katy, TX 77450
progressive rock w/ a little punk.


Houston, TX 77539
Heavy with melodic vocals.
Will Wadkins, Dustin North, Joey Turner, Tim Huston, Stillframe, Heavy, Houston


Houston, TX 77373
Intense heavy punk!
Hardcore, punk, thrash

Stompin White Pony

Houston, TX
Modern Rock / Alternative
rock, modern rock, alternative,


Houston, TX 77043
Stone Church is a kind of dark acoustic based, folk rock side project formed by Justin Blumenstock of THIS YEAR'S TIGER (GNP Records) and Chris Bennett from MINSK (Relapse Records).
acoustic, folk rock, indie, shoe gaze, experimental

Stone Gate

Conroe, TX 77303
Stone Gate is an Alternative Metal band from Conroe, Texas. Our songs speak for themselves.
alternative, christian, metal, original,

Stone Grove

Houston, TX
hard rock and post grunge with blues notes
hard, rock, post, grunge, blues,

Stone Kings

houston, TX 77084
hard driving rock/blues fusion band, in the vein of Hendrix, ZZ Top, Van Wilks, Eric Johnson, and other Texas inspired rock and roll.
rock, blues

Stone Pusher

Conroe, TX 77304
Stone Pusher brings something new and fresh to the table. Something for everyone, whether it's more melodic tunes to soothe the soul or hard driven crunch to bring it all home!
Alternative, Rock , Hard Rock, Covers, Originals,

Stoned Mammoth

Houston, TX 77023
Stoned Mammoth is a band in Houston covering the sludge/stoner/doom genres with their own original material. Clutch, Down, Black Sabbath, COC, Electric Wizard, Cathedral
rock, metal, originals, stoner, doom, sludge

Storm Surge

Houston, TX 77005
Storm Surge is a Houston-based rock band covering artists from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2k classics (Zepplin, ACDC, Tom Petty, Deep Purple, Foghat, Stones, Beatles, Skynrd, Bad Co., Queen, Sabbath, Matchbox 20, Alice in Chains, Collective Soul, and more. Storm Surge performs at nightclubs, bars, and special events across the greater Houston area.
covers, classic rock, current rock, rock

Straight Jacket Theory

Houston, TX 77433
Formed in 2013, STJ is a straight to the point Hard Rock band. Blending elements of the Cult with AIC and a dash of Van Halen.
hard rock, rock, metal

Straight On Till Morning

Houston, TX 77065
Metalcore/Punk/EDM-electronica. Mixing the three genres to create a very high energy sound.
Metalcore, Ravecore, Punk, Pop punk, EDM, Electronica, Metal


Houston, TX 77083
Classic Hard Rock, our sound is a mixture of rock and southern rock, say AC/DC meets Lynyrd Skynyrd with the gain cranked up!
Classic, Rock, Originals


Houston, TX 77056
Dynamic Beautiful Modern Rock


Deer Park, TX 77536
Progressive rock mixed with AOR and melodic melodies.
Progressive, Rock, Metal, AOR


Spring, TX 77379
Strut -- Our music is a fusion of classic rock meets a present day vibe. Its rock with the originality and feel that seems to be missing in new music these days. You can find our music on our website, which is www.StrutBand.com
aggressive, originals, covers, rock, You can find

Subdivided - A Tribute to RUSH

Houston, TX 77381
A Tribute to RUSH
Progressive Rock

Submission The Band

Houston, TX
We are an Original Rock band. From classic rock to hard rock. Please check out or website to hear our music:)
rock, alternative, classic rock, heavy rock, country rock,ministry rock


Houston, TX 77099
5 piece Houston based Rock band. Our music is heavy/progressive/melodic.
heavy, progressive, rock,

Sugarball Express

Houston, TX 77044
Sugarball Express is a straight up kick you in the mouth, knock your teeth down your throat, Texas homegrown Rockabilly / Honky-Tonk band. SBX won't disappoint when it comes to delivering that good ol' Beer Drinkin' music that Texas is known for. Guitar, Upright Bass & Fiddle
country, covers, rock, rockabilly, western, swing, outlaw, originals, original, texas,

Suicide Method

Houston, TX 77080
Somthing deathly, somthing loud somthing hateful

Sun Dog Weaver

Houston, TX 77505
SUN DOG WEAVER is a dynamic rock band from Houston, Texas playing a variety of Classic Rock songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and more.
Rock,Classic Rock

Sun Machine

Houston, TX
Official homepage of Sun Machine. Includes contact info, tour dates, press packet, bios, etc.


Houston, TX 77008
"Epitomizing the Texas sound - this band fuses the complex styles of fun and rock to create a unique sound that can only be described as "Sunburst""
Alternative, Funk, Jazz, Originals, Pop, Rock, Grove

Super Tonic

Katy, TX 77450
SUper TONic is a live performance pop, hip-pop band with a little rock and alot of soul based out of Houston, TX who bring popular entertainment and original music to live venues, charities, private benefits, festivals and shows for all ages. We have a unique sound and our originality is showcased with energy, soul, and excitement that allows us to bring our brand of live entertainment to our fans, families, friends, and local venues. Coming from different walks of life has put Georgette, Javier, and Ruben together in a group that loves to perform and create music that is fun, high energy, moving, rhythmic, and underscored with refreshingly catchy riffs.
pop, hip-pop, rock, soul

Supercolliders - R.I.P.

Houston, TX
American Rock n Roll sans the fad drivel. We understand the lost art of backing vocals. We actually spend time arranging our songs until we're happy with them. If you say words like Pentatonic, whole tone, or Phrygian, at least one person in the band will know what you're talking about. Holy crap, we may actually know something about music!
alternative, rock, bands that can actually sing, new Houston music


Houston, TX 77043
SuperFix one of Houston\'s premier party and coverbands.
Covers, Rock, Metal, Dance, Classic Rock, 80's, Funk, blues.


pasadena, TX
loud noisy rock and roll played the way god intended. think of kiss and nirvana having noisy raucous sex


Los Angeles,, CA 90210
Experimental / Metal / Progressive


Houston, TX 77504
postpunk shoegaze garage indierock grey sunshine, noise, ambient, experimental, reckless
garage, indierock, shoegaze, punk, experimental, ambient


Houston, TX 77015
We are a radio friendly power pop rock group
rock, pop, originals


Houston, TX 77402-2
We are a Variety band that plays originals and covers.
pop, rock, r&b, alternative, blues,


Pasadena, TX
Modern Rock,Top 40,Classic Rock
Variety Cover Music

Surrender Stella

Houston, TX 77375
Surrender Stella is an Industrial metal band/ performance art project.
Industrial, Metal, Alternative, hardcore, heavy, rock,

Susan Gray

Brentwood, TN 37027
Amy Grant meets Cheryl Crow with a positive message. New to Houston via Dallas and Colorado, Susan Gray brings a unique sound that turns heads while offering a message of hope and engouragment.
christian, pop, rock, gospel, folk, alternative


Rosenberg, TX 77471
Alternative Rock
Alternative classic rock metal originals rock

Swarm The Locust

Houston, TX 77566
Swarm The Locust is a metal band based out of south Texas with former members of Cain Was Able and Soul Denied, we are currently recording a EP due for a Fall release.
metal, heavy, heavy metal,


Metro Houston, TX 77375
SWAYNE is a Hip-Hop pioneer with over 26 years of experience to thicken his resume'. He measures success in this "Bling" era of Hip-Hop, by how many lives are motivated by his music, not how much material excess he has. His project "Time 4A Change" is perfectly named. He covers topics such as domestic violence, the street life, praise to the creator, and aslo encourages the weary. SWAYNE also drops original flows that show his lyrical versatility. SWAYNE's current project, "Time 4A Change" is now available.
Rap, Hip-Hop, Positive Hip-Hop, Spiritual Hip-Hop

Sweet Savage

Houston, TX
Popular 80's Houston band that had huge success with their high energy shows and loyal fan base. Later based in L.A. and played many high profile shows at The Whiskey A Go Go, The Roxy, etc.
rock, metal


Mont Belvieu, TX 77580
5 piece original rock and roll band; recently enjoying airplay on 94.5 The Buzz; Just check out the website for free music or come to a show.
original alternative rock


Baton Rouge, LA 70808
emo, groove, alternative, rock

Swervy And The Nutsacks

Houston, TX 77079
If GG Allin had a child, and that child started a band, you would get Swervy And The Nutsacks. S.A.T.N.
Punk, Rock, Nutsack Rock, Doom

Swinging Teresa

Houston, TX 77586
Finally! Everything you have wanted to hear in along time...
Aggressive, Rock, Grunge,


Houston, TX 77063
Booking/Inquiries 832-545-7916 Bringing a fresh new sound that is resonating through Houston’s underground music world, Sydnee-Jane has become known for making great records, by combining intimate, intricate verses with catchy hooks. Sydnee-Jane is a classically trained, well rounded artist with a musical family that hails from Texas and have played with greats such as Count Bassie. Sydnee-Jane toured a stint with a local rock band, under the name Sydnee-Jane & The Damen Austin Band creating a wonderful fusion of Soul & Rock much like Tina Turner.


Houston, TX


Houston, TX 77002
Synikal is a 5 piece power metal groove band that has been making inroads in the Houston and Galveston scene. Our sound is unique to todays Houston scene which has proven itself to be either Alternative universal on one side or Death metal monotonous on the other. Synikal quenches the thirst for those who miss bands of the middle ground and includes such great bands as Pantera, Slayer and Sepultura.
metal, thrash, slayer, sepultura, pantera, heavy,

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