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Houston, TX 77006
all originals with "catchy" melodies and a "radio-friendly" modern rock vibe
alternative, modern rock

Wall Of Doom

Houston, TX 77058
Doom Metal
metal, doom, doom metal,


Katy, TX 77493
Our style is a blend between Green Day and Weezer with a hard rock and sometimes even a raggae twist.
post-punk rock


Houston, TX 77328
heavy as fuck and clean as hell
Metal, Thrash, Groove,


Houston, TX 77092
WARRIOR has been characterized as a melodic metal band that is original music similar to April Wine, Black Sabbath, and Dokken with a positive message
melodic, pop, punk, rock, metal


Houston, TX
Live Rock n Roll from A 2 Z From AC/DC to ZZ Top and EVERYTHING in between. Old and New.
Rock, POP, Funk

Wayside Drive

Houston, TX
Breaking through the Houston music scene.
alternative, rock

Weapons of War

Houston, TX 77511
Taking a southern influence and mixing it with pure heavy metal, for a new sound Houston hasnt had in a long time
Metal, Southern Metal

Well Hung Gurus

Houston, TX 77084
Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band with a few originals
alternative, covers, funk, hip hop, originals, rock

Well Of Souls

The Woodlands, TX 77380
Well Of Souls is based in the Houston, TX area and is an Epic Heavy Doom Metal band with clean vocals, dual lead guitars and a technical progressive bassist. The band plays brooding, slow, dark sounding metal like early Black Sabbath, mixed with fast up-tempo interludes like Iron Maiden and has a style similar to Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus.
metal, heavy, epic, doom


SPRING, TX 77379
Rock edge with Pop feel.
Rock, Pop

Wes Dodson

Hockley, TX 77447


Houston, TX 77377
blues with rock. was there ever a better combination. not for westborn memebers jake snyder, ryan lakey , seth donaho, and robby snyder. great music and great performances


Houston, TX 77573
Westbound is an acoustic duo that plays a mix of well-known and not-so-well-known songs, in blues, rock, country and folk genres.
acoustic, blues, country, folk, rock, alternative, jazz


The Woodlands/Austin, TX 77385
4 piece Indie Pop/Math Rock band.
Indie Pop, Midwest Punk, Emo, Math Rock, Twinkly, Post-rock, Progressive, Surf,


Houston, TX 77075
Old School, R&B, Pop, variety dance music
High Energy Dance Band

What Lies Behind

Houston, TX 77060
Local metal core/post core band located in north west Houston.
Metal Core, Post Core, screamo,


Houston, TX 77433
All original progressive metal band

While They Slept

Houston, TX 77082
its a variation of metal from hardcore to grindcore
hard, hardcore, heavy, rock, metal, grindcore

While You Were Gone

Houston, TX 77015
We are a cross between screamo and indie rock.
emo, progressive,

Whiskey Bliss

Elmendorf, TX 78112
cover band " Whiskey Bliss" Alternative Rock Chevelle,Foo Fighters,three days grace etc.
classic Rock, Alternative Rock

Whiskey Business

Cypress, TX 77429
Music from the 70s thru current with the majority being 80s.

Whiskey Hangover - Godsmack Tribute

Houston, TX 77096
Godsmack tribute

Whiskey River Revival

Houston, TX 77006
Old 97s meets Social Distortion smothered in Shooter Jennings.
country, rock, blues, originals, rockabilly, alternative, folk

Whispers Adrift

Houston, TX 77065
Our goal is to combine different styles of metal, and to hopefully come up with something that sounds original.
metal, heavy,

Whistlin' Dixie

Romance, AR 72136
Red Dirt with an Arkansas twist. Outlaw Country, Texas Music and Arkansas Red Dirt originals.
Red dirt, country, originals.

White Housemoms

Houston, TX 77079
We're an indie/alternative rock band from West Houston with music that takes influence from bands such as Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Nirvana and Weezer. We only play original songs, and we don't like to follow conventional song structures (like verse-chorus). Most of our songs gradually build up into climactic endings. Our five-track demo CD came out in March and is available for download on our Facebook page.
alternative, rock, pop,

White Trash Wannabees

Linden, TX 75563
The White Trash Wannabees began in 2006, East Texas, when founding member, Donny Dodson followed his dream of bringing together talented musicians of differing backgrounds to form a powerful, cohesive show band. Dodson made for the local venue market as well as the many festivals and major events of the area, White Trash Wannabees regularly play to crowds throughout the Ark-La-Tex region. White Trash Wannabees is and always will be about the music. Whether it be the Southern Rock style, hot Texas guitar, or the incredible three part harmony, each member brings the best of their own style into the mix, creating a veritable White Trash Wannabees of rock, blues, punk, country, soul, covered music and originals that explodes into the audience with a powerful energy that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Special Bands WTW opened for: Kevin Fowler; Stoney La Rue; Rehab; David A. Coe; Arron Watson; Eli Young and Mark Cooke.
funk, jamband, Southern Rock, rock, originals, country, pop, traditional


Houston, TX 77015
wall of sound gesticulating vertigo care bear stare bob dylan meets butthole surfers meets the jesus and mary chain
rock, experimental, indie,

wicked stitch

Houston, TX
wicked stitch is the screaming silence and the soft edges. they are a 5 piece, houston based band, with ages ranging from 15 to 21. heavy, fast guitar riffs, heart pounding bass, smooth yet hard vocals, melodic keyboards and synth, and driven, head banging drums are what make wicked stitch. go to the site and see more. trust me, you won't be dissappointed.
metal, hardcore, industrial, progressive, rock

Wide Open Throttle

Cypress, TX 77429
Rock ~ Hard Rock ~ Heavy Metal

Wil Van Winkle

Houston, TX 77077
Rock music with a little bit of other styles mixed in, currently playing acoustic live shows but looking for a full band.
alternative, blues, rock, covers, originals,


Houston, TX
I am a producer. I do mainly hip-hop, and pop, but also do r&b, and some rock. I am a Christian so that influences all of my music, meaning that I don't want any cussing, degrading of women, promotion of drug/weapon use, overt or anything overly promiscuous. If you still want to work with me, feel free to reach me either on my myspace or at jaykoopah@gmail.com
Christian, Rap, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Punk, R&B, dance, gospel, hip hop, reggae,

Willis Brownstone

Houston, TX 77005
jamband, rock, funk, fusion

Windsor Drive

Houston, TX 77212
Indie, Experimental, Rock
indie, experimental, rock,

Winter Road

Houston, TX 77573
we're a pop punk/rock band from Houston TX. Come check us out:)
punk, pop, rock

Winter's End

Spring, TX 77380
We are an all 80's hard rock/heavy metal cover band.
covers, hard, hardcore, heavy, metal, rock,



Witness To The Fallen

Houston, TX 77080
hard driver grooves and angry vocals. technical,speed,thrash,prog,core


Houston, TX
"Neoclassical melodic metal with a Texas party twist! 80's influenced original grooves and screaming lead vocals and wailing guitar leads!"

Wolff DeLong

Houston, TX 77075
Originally from San Diego, California, Wolff thundered his way across the West Coast from Mexico to Canada playing in numerous bands around the San Diego area, most notably, The Bluesmatics and the Dive Kings. His journeys eventually led him to Clarksdale, Mississippi, where he met and toured the United States with James "Super Chikan" Johnson for five years. When he wasn't on the road, he ran sound at Morgan Freeman's legendary club, Ground Zero. Wolff is featured on Gene Kelton's CD, "Going Back to Memphis: A Biker Band Tribute to Elvis," as well as Super Chikan's CD, "Chikan Soup."
freedom rock, alternative, blues, progressive, groove, classic, metal

Woody Witt

Spring, TX 77388
Dr. Witt is a Professor of Jazz Studies at Houston Community College Town and Country campus and an Affiliate Artist at the University of Houston Moores School of Music. Woody also serves as the entertainment director of Houston's premiere jazz club, Cézanne. His extensive performance experience includes events with the Houston Symphony, The Temptations, Randy Brecker and Ray Charles, to name just a few.
Jazz, jamband, classic, traditional

Wrestle with God

Houston, TX 7702
"~W.w.G~ Music consists of various elements brought to a lowly ambient atmosphere."
Alternative, Originals,

Written in Blood

Victoria, TX 77901
They are a deathcore band from Edna, Tx. You can view them on facebook and get a FREE download of their single "Before the Dawn" by going to www.myspace.com/writteninblood44. They are fairly new, very hungry to perform, have some serious talent and are turning a lot of heads. They have more than doubled in facebook fans in a month and now have over 400 likes on their page. They have even been included in a local music article for Crossroads Music Magazine and are currently shopping for studio time.
deathcore, hardcore, metal

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